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Album: You're a Winner, Baby

Released on:2020-01-10

Number of Songs:8

  • London
  • Birthday Song
  • Bring Back My Girls
  • I'm a Winner, Baby
  • Condragulations
  • Super Sexy Lady
  • Blessed
  • Ruby Is Red Hot - Kummerspeck Redux
  • Album: AJ and The Queen (Original Television Soundtrack)

    Released on:2020-01-24

    Number of Songs:16

  • Ruby Is Red Hot (From AJ and The Queen)
  • Walk It Off (I'm On My Way)
  • Ruby Is Red Hot - Retro Remix
  • Ruby Is Red Hot - Kummerspeck Remix
  • Ruby Is Red Hot - Lush Remix
  • In the Beginning
  • AJ's Theme
  • Lady Danger
  • Mount Juliet
  • AJ Bribes the Drag Fans
  • Danielle Plans Some Trouble
  • Lady Danger Breaking and Entering
  • Queens to the Rescue
  • Damian Visits Robert
  • AJ Drop Off and Goodbye
  • The End
  • Album: Glamazon

    Released on:2011-05-03

    Number of Songs:10

  • The Beginning
  • Click Clack (Make Dat Money)
  • Glamazon
  • I Bring The Beat
  • Superstar
  • Responsitrannity
  • Live Forever
  • Get Your Rebel On
  • (Here It Comes) Around Again
  • If I Dream
  • Album: Hey Sis, It's Christmas!

    Released on:2020-10-23

    Number of Songs:5

  • Hey Sis, It's Christmas! (feat. Markaholic)
  • Get to You (For Christmas) [feat. Markaholic]
  • My Favorite Holiday - Matt Pop Edit
  • Christmas Party
  • Hey Sis (Reprise)
  • Album: Queen of Queens

    Released on:2019-04-29

    Number of Songs:8

  • Queens Everywhere
  • American - DJ Gomi Remix
  • Call Me Mother - DJ Gomi Dub
  • Super Queen - Stockholm Mix
  • Queens Everywhere - Acappella
  • American - DJ Gomi Remix Instrumental
  • Queens Everywhere - Instrumental
  • Super Queen - Stockholm Acappella
  • Album: Ho Ho Ho

    Released on:1997-10-28

    Number of Songs:13

  • With Bells On
  • RuPaul The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • All I Want For Christmas
  • Santa Baby
  • All Alone On Christmas
  • Christmas Train [Medley]
  • Christmas Nite
  • Funky Christmas [Christmas At My House]
  • I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
  • Here Comes Santa Claus [Right Down Santa Claus Lane]
  • You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  • Hard Candy Christmas
  • Celebrate [New Year's Remix]
  • Album: Supermodel of the World

    Released on:1993-06-08

    Number of Songs:12

  • Supermodel (You Better Work)
  • Miss Lady DJ
  • Free Your Mind
  • Supernatural
  • House of Love
  • Thinkin 'Bout You
  • Back to My Roots
  • Prisoner of Love
  • Stinky Dinky
  • All of a Sudden
  • Everybody Dance
  • A Shade Shady (Now Prance)
  • Album: Red Hot

    Released on:2004-09-21

    Number of Songs:16

  • Shirley Q. Liqour & Watusi Jenkins
  • Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous
  • Coming Out of Hiding
  • Shirley Q. Intro
  • Are You Man Enough? / Orange Wig Skit
  • Kinky/Freaky
  • Love Is Love
  • Just a Little In & Out
  • Workout / Betta Work Skit
  • The Price of One
  • I Need More
  • People Are People / Sheepy Skit
  • My Love Sees No Color
  • Hollywood U.S.A.
  • Give It One More Try
  • Superman
  • Album: Christmas Party

    Released on:2018-11-01

    Number of Songs:11

  • Get to You (For Christmas) [feat. Markaholic]
  • Hello Hello Hello (Interlude)
  • Hey Sis, It's Christmas (feat. Markaholic)
  • Christmas Queen
  • My Favorite Holiday (Matt Pop Remix)
  • Silence (Interlude)
  • Super Queen (Runway Remix)
  • Hey Sis (Reprise)
  • Christmas Cookies 2.0
  • Christmas Party
  • Goodbye (Interlude)
  • Album: Foxy Lady

    Released on:1996-10-29

    Number of Songs:12

  • Happy
  • Party Train
  • A Little Bit of Love
  • Snapshot
  • Foxy Lady
  • R.U. Nasty
  • Falling
  • Dolores
  • Work That Body
  • Celebrate
  • Snatched for the Gods
  • If You Were a Woman [And I Was a Man]
  • Album: Born Naked (Deluxe)

    Released on:2014-05-05

    Number of Songs:16

  • Freaky Money (feat. Big Freedia)
  • Sissy That Walk
  • Geronimo (feat. Lucian Piane)
  • Dance with U
  • Adrenaline (feat. Myah Marie)
  • Can I Get an Amen (feat. Martha Wash)
  • Fly Tonight (feat. Frankmusik)
  • Modern Love
  • Let the Music Play (feat. Michelle Visage)
  • Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne)
  • Feel Like Dancin' (feat. La Toya Jackson)
  • Dance with U (René Dif Remix)
  • Feel Like Dancin' (feat. La Toya Jackson) [Matt Pop Remix]
  • Can I Get an Amen (feat. Martha Wash) [Revolucian Remix]
  • Feel Like Dancin' (feat. La Toya Jackson) [Doot Doot Redo]
  • Feel Like Dancin' (feat. La Toya Jackson) [Jared Jones Remix]
  • Album: Butch Queen: Ru-Mixes

    Released on:2016-04-15

    Number of Songs:9

  • Be Someone (feat. Taylor Dayne) [JROB Edit]
  • Cha Cha Bitch (feat. AB Soto) [Ralphi Rosario Edit]
  • U Wear It Well (Original Instrumental)
  • Be Someone (feat. Taylor Dayne) [Original Instrumental]
  • Be Someone (feat. Taylor Dayne) [Matt Pop Edit]
  • How I Wanna Hold U (Matt Moss Original Instrumental)
  • Come Pay Me (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  • Be Someone (feat. Taylor Dayne) [Jrob Club]
  • Cha Cha Bitch (feat. AB Soto) [Ralphi Rosario Club]
  • Album: Butch Queen

    Released on:2016-03-04

    Number of Songs:12

  • Cha Cha Bitch (feat. AB Soto)
  • U Wear It Well
  • Category Is… (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  • Legends (feat. Margo Thunder & Ellis Miah)
  • Feel Like a Woman (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  • Drop (feat. Ts Madison & Ellis Miah)
  • Drag Queen Honey (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  • Be Someone (feat. Taylor Dayne)
  • How I Wanna Hold U (feat. Sharlotte Gibson & Matt Moss)
  • High Fashion Labels (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  • Sister Brother (feat. Margo Thunder)
  • Nothing Nice (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  • Album: Born Naked

    Released on:2014-02-24

    Number of Songs:10

  • Freaky Money (feat. Big Freedia)
  • Sissy That Walk
  • Geronimo (feat. Lucian Piane)
  • Dance with U
  • Adrenaline (feat. Myah Marie)
  • Can I Get an Amen (feat. Martha Wash)
  • Fly Tonight (feat. Frankmusik)
  • Modern Love
  • Let the Music Play (feat. Michelle Visage)
  • Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne)
  • Album: American

    Released on:2017-03-24

    Number of Songs:11

  • American
  • Kitty Girl
  • Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent
  • Broke Me Down
  • Getaway
  • Call Me Mother
  • Spotlight
  • Mighty Love (feat. Kummerspeck)
  • Hey Doll
  • Lady Cowboy
  • It Ain't Over
  • Album: Slay Belles

    Released on:2015-10-23

    Number of Songs:21

  • Hi Pit Crew (Interlude)
  • Merry Christmas, Mary
  • Everybody Else's Money (Interlude)
  • Christmas Is About Love
  • Redefined Christmas (Interlude)
  • From Your Heart (feat. Michelle Visage)
  • Stripping in the Living Room (Interlude)
  • You're the Star (On My Christmas Tree)
  • BLT (Interlude)
  • My Favorite Holiday (feat. Markaholic)
  • Do It Forever, Daddy (Interlude)
  • Christmas Cookies
  • Jingle Bells (Interlude)
  • Jingle Dem Bells (feat. Big Freedia & Ellis Miah)
  • BB Gun (Interlude)
  • Nothing for Christmas
  • Celebrity Shopper (Interlude)
  • Deck the Halls (feat. Todrick Hall)
  • Joy to the World (Interlude)
  • Brand New Year (feat. Siedah Garrett)
  • Merry Christmas, Mary (Reprise)
  • Album: SuperGlam DQ

    Released on:2011-07-16

    Number of Songs:10

  • Sexy Drag Queen (Jared Jones La Push Remix) [feat. Jipsta]
  • Drag U Theme - Gomi High Heels & A Dream Remix
  • Superstar - Hollywood Royalty Remix
  • Glamazon - Jared Jones Break It Down Remix
  • Superstar - Matt Pop Amsterdam Remix
  • Glamazon - Macutchi Up Tut Knuckle Remix
  • Sexy Drag Queen - Chris Thomas Execution Style Remix
  • Drag U Theme - Jared Jones Movin' On Remix
  • Glamazon - Gomi Tribalistic Remix
  • LadyBoy - Revenge Of The Kingston Queens
  • Album: Realness

    Released on:2015-03-02

    Number of Songs:15

  • L.A. Rhythm (feat. Michelle Visage & JROB)
  • Color Me Love (feat. Rebecca Romijn & Markaholic)
  • I Met Him on the Dance Floor (Interlude)
  • I Blame You (feat. Ellis Miah)
  • Throw Ya Hands Up (feat. Lady Bunny & Ellis Miah 2015)
  • This Is a Picnic (Interlude)
  • Die Tomorrow (feat. Frankmusik)
  • The Realness (feat. Eric Kupper)
  • A Dream You're Having (Interlude)
  • L.A. Rhythm (feat. Michelle Visage & Matt Moss)
  • Born Naked (feat. Clairy Browne) [Stadium Remix]
  • Drag Mocks Identity (Interlude)
  • Step It Up (feat. Dave Audé)
  • LGBT (feat. Chi Chi Larue & Markaholic)
  • Thorns of a Rose (Interlude)
  • Album: Champion

    Released on:2009-04-07

    Number of Songs:12

  • Main Event
  • Jealous Of My Boogie
  • Cover Girl
  • Tranny Chaser
  • LadyBoy
  • Champion
  • Never Go Home Again
  • Destiny Is Mine
  • Let's Turn The Night
  • Devil Made Me Do It
  • Theme From "Drag Race"
  • Throw Ya Hands Up
  • Album: Starrbooty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Released on:2007-06-20

    Number of Songs:25

  • Call Me Starrbooty
  • The Call (Interlude)
  • A Fistful of Booty
  • Damn You, Annaka! (Interlude)
  • Big Booty Opening
  • Alexi Popov (Interlude)
  • How 2 Rock It
  • Can't Fake It With the Johns (Interlude)
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Cupcake & Pepper (Interlude)
  • Sweet Pussycat of Mine
  • Ol' Smeller (Interlude)
  • Pussycat 4 Sale
  • CBT Session (Interlude)
  • Put Some Weight on It
  • Miss Tasha (Interlude)
  • Drop That Pimp
  • Diesel Pancake Makeup (Interlude)
  • Call Me Starrbooty - Gomi's Cellular Edit
  • Cupcake Meets Annaka (Interlude)
  • Booty Love
  • Dismembership (Interlude)
  • Call Me Starrbooty (A View To a Booty)
  • Epilogue (Interlude)
  • Hey Booty