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Album: Grown Up

Released on:2004-09-07

Number of Songs:1

  • Grown Up
  • Album: Southside (feat. A-Ru$$)

    Released on:2017-02-03

    Number of Songs:1

  • Southside (feat. a-Ru$$)
  • Album: Strange (feat. A-Ru$$)

    Released on:2016-11-01

    Number of Songs:1

  • Strange (feat. a-Ru$$)
  • Album: Grown Up

    Released on:2004-09-17

    Number of Songs:1

  • Grown Up
  • Album: #Envy

    Released on:2016-08-25

    Number of Songs:19

  • Hypnotize
  • No Movement (feat. Chamagne James)
  • She Working (feat. Tinka Bell Bitch)
  • Action
  • Is It in You (feat. Myke & Beez Wax)
  • Relationships (feat. A-Loc)
  • Shady (feat. A-Ru$$)
  • P.N.C.D. Remix (feat. Kahki Keway & Wills Fargo)
  • I Got Next (feat. Tori)
  • Be Like Ya'll (feat. Louch da Gouch & Mellow G)
  • Fetti Mac Interlude (feat. Aaron Notes)
  • Show Me That (feat. Roll da Dice)
  • Walk up in the Club (feat. Cool Nutz)
  • Get It Together
  • Don't Rush (feat. Legacy)
  • My Own Lane (feat. Beezwax)
  • 'M Still (feat. Macc Milliaon)
  • Changes (feat. Pistol)
  • Brand New (feat. Desiree Kinney)