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Album: Circadian

Released on:2017-01-06

Number of Songs:13

  • Unrepeated
  • Miami
  • Left To Pay
  • Ignite
  • Break Your Fall
  • Interlude; 22
  • Both To Blame
  • Take Me Home
  • Tapestry
  • Midnight
  • Still Need You
  • Memories
  • Circadian
  • Album: Let Go

    Released on:2017-04-24

    Number of Songs:1

  • Let Go
  • Album: Bloom

    Released on:2018-08-24

    Number of Songs:12

  • Our Escape
  • My Head
  • Stride
  • Down The Line
  • Above
  • Lost
  • Interlude; Distant
  • Just A Game
  • No More Promises
  • Brand New
  • For Infinity
  • No One Knows
  • Album: Little Secrets

    Released on:2019-11-07

    Number of Songs:1

  • Little Secrets
  • Album: Brand New

    Released on:2018-10-26

    Number of Songs:1

  • Brand New
  • Album: Down The Line

    Released on:2018-10-05

    Number of Songs:1

  • Down The Line
  • Album: Just A Game

    Released on:2018-07-27

    Number of Songs:1

  • Just A Game
  • Album: Desideratum

    Released on:2018-01-12

    Number of Songs:1

  • Desideratum
  • Album: Back To You (Anki Remix)

    Released on:2018-08-10

    Number of Songs:1

  • Back To You - Anki Remix
  • Album: Coming Home

    Released on:2016-09-13

    Number of Songs:1

  • Coming Home
  • Album: All Alone

    Released on:2017-09-29

    Number of Songs:1

  • All Alone
  • Album: Electric Kids (Anki Remix)

    Released on:2020-09-04

    Number of Songs:1

  • Electric Kids - Anki Remix
  • Album: All Alone feat. Micah Martin

    Released on:2018-01-24

    Number of Songs:1

  • All Alone feat. Micah Martin
  • Album: Forever

    Released on:2016-07-10

    Number of Songs:1

  • Forever
  • Album: Firefly (Anki Remix)

    Released on:2016-08-01

    Number of Songs:1

  • Firefly (Anki Remix)
  • Album: One Last Time (VIP)

    Released on:2020-01-28

    Number of Songs:1

  • One Last Time - VIP
  • Album: Our Escape

    Released on:2018-06-29

    Number of Songs:1

  • Our Escape
  • Album: Adrift

    Released on:2019-08-16

    Number of Songs:1

  • Adrift
  • Album: All Or Nothing

    Released on:2018-04-20

    Number of Songs:1

  • All Or Nothing
  • Album: Rafted (Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' a book by Ian Urbina)

    Released on:2020-04-03

    Number of Songs:5

  • The Next Frontier
  • The Lone Patrol
  • A Rusty Kingdom
  • Waste Away
  • Rafted