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Album: Moon Funk

Released on:2019-06-28

Number of Songs:1

  • Moon Funk
  • Album: Show Me How

    Released on:2018-10-05

    Number of Songs:1

  • Show Me How
  • Album: Speak Français

    Released on:2020-06-26

    Number of Songs:1

  • Speak Français
  • Album: Need U Now

    Released on:2019-04-15

    Number of Songs:1

  • Need U Now
  • Album: Start Over (The Remixes)

    Released on:2018-07-13

    Number of Songs:3

  • Start Over - Kove Remix
  • Start Over - ELS VIP
  • Start Over - Live Acoustic at Gibson Studios
  • Album: Falling Through

    Released on:2019-09-05

    Number of Songs:1

  • Falling Through
  • Album: Colours

    Released on:2019-08-05

    Number of Songs:1

  • Colours
  • Album: Keep Me Awake

    Released on:2019-11-01

    Number of Songs:1

  • Keep Me Awake
  • Album: Feel That Way

    Released on:2020-03-06

    Number of Songs:1

  • Feel That Way
  • Album: Don't Say Ur Sorry

    Released on:2020-05-08

    Number of Songs:1

  • Don't Say Ur Sorry
  • Album: Start Over

    Released on:2018-06-15

    Number of Songs:1

  • Start Over
  • Album: One More Time (ELS VIP)

    Released on:2018-11-23

    Number of Songs:1

  • One More Time - ELS VIP
  • Album: Tell Me (Ellis Remix)

    Released on:2019-09-16

    Number of Songs:1

  • Tell Me - Ellis Remix
  • Album: Clear My Head

    Released on:2019-02-18

    Number of Songs:1

  • Clear My Head
  • Album: All That She Wants

    Released on:2019-03-15

    Number of Songs:1

  • All That She Wants
  • Album: One More Time

    Released on:2018-10-26

    Number of Songs:1

  • One More Time
  • Album: Start Over (Frank Pole Remix)

    Released on:2018-07-27

    Number of Songs:1

  • Start Over - Frank Pole Remix
  • Album: Every Second

    Released on:2019-05-31

    Number of Songs:1

  • Every Second
  • Album: Recollection Prospective

    Released on:2020-08-07

    Number of Songs:5

  • Caught in the Rays (Intro)
  • Don't Say Ur Sorry
  • Speak Français
  • Brand New Phone
  • Unfold
  • Album: Juicy / Like

    Released on:2018-09-21

    Number of Songs:2

  • Juicy
  • Like