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Album: We're All Gonna Die

Released on:2017-10-30

Number of Songs:1

  • We're All Gonna Die
  • Album: Emo The Musical: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Released on:2017-10-25

    Number of Songs:20

  • Opening Guitar Solo
  • I Dream Of A World
  • Give Up
  • Stupid Band
  • You're Perfect
  • We Could Be Wonderful
  • Safe With Me
  • Rain On Me
  • You Cannot Leave Me
  • The Way You Held My Hand
  • We're All Gonna Die
  • Would Jesus?
  • Hope!
  • Infect Me Now (rehearsal)
  • Lift Me Up
  • Electrified
  • Happy New Financial Year
  • Come To Church
  • Emo Finale (Mash up of Infect Me and Rain On Me)
  • Hope (Punk!)