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Album: Intangible

Released on:2020-09-25

Number of Songs:1

  • Intangible
  • Album: The Marigny Sessions

    Released on:2016-05-11

    Number of Songs:3

  • Tacana
  • Tin Town
  • Keep It Inside
  • Album: What The World Needs Now

    Released on:2020-06-26

    Number of Songs:1

  • What The World Needs Now
  • Album: I Promise It's Real

    Released on:2020-10-09

    Number of Songs:5

  • Welcome To Your New Life
  • Intangible
  • All We Did Was Dance
  • Keep It Together!
  • Hide My Light
  • Album: Songs from Arrival

    Released on:2017-05-01

    Number of Songs:11

  • River
  • Hate Me
  • Love's on the Way
  • I Am
  • Biosynchronicity
  • All U Gotta
  • Home
  • I Need a Shakey
  • Somebody Save Me
  • Running All the Way to You (Bonus Track)
  • Big Bang Theory (Bonus Track)
  • Album: Go Your Own Way (The Voice Performance)

    Released on:2012-01-01

    Number of Songs:1

  • Go Your Own Way - The Voice Performance
  • Album: Dandelion

    Released on:2009-01-01

    Number of Songs:11

  • Cytokinin (Cliche\')
  • Miles Per Hour
  • Elevator Ride
  • Puppet Show
  • My Friend the Penguin
  • Epiphany
  • One Fish
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Mister Hurricane
  • Kind
  • Writer\'s Block
  • Album: Humble Beginnings

    Released on:2013-11-01

    Number of Songs:7

  • Bad Girl (feat. Alexis Marceaux)
  • Leave Me Alone (feat. Alex MacMurray & Casey McAllister)
  • Thorn in My Side (feat. Vic Shepherd)
  • Man in Grey (feat. Alex MacMurray)
  • I Dreamed By Starlight (feat. Casey McAllister)
  • Better Life (feat. Derek Huston & Tom Stern)
  • Louisiana Troubador (feat. Gina Forsyth)