About Us

Muxic Beats is a music website with a dedicated team. We are passionate about music so we give our best work on this website. One can find following in this website :

  • Music Charts
  • Music Genres
  • Songs’ Reviews
  • Album’s Reviews
  • Artist’s Biography
  • Polls

Music charts are updated most often by carefully analyzing the market trend. You can read honest reviews about songs and albums here. We try to add a song or album review as soon as it comes to the market. You may find few useful links in songs and album reviews which are

  • Get this song or album (you can purchase the song or album through ITunes by using the link)

You can vote at the poll page where recent hot topics are always included. Artists page will help you to view your favorite artist’s songs and biography.

This was all about our website information. If you need any other information, you can contact us here. We value our visitors and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our website.