This is How the Wind Shifts by the band Silverstien is their sixth studio album. It is a Canadian band which specializes in hard core and emo type of singing.  The album was released under the label of Hapless records on February, 2013.

The album is based on the concept and the concept is how the life of a person changes after something tragic happens in his life.  The life change can be forever as well if the event id very hard.  The album provided different thoughts about life, fate, change of life and actions along with feelings of a person living that life.  The songs have a deeper meaning to them and each song has its own story inside.

The album has fourteen songs that are, “Stand Amid the roar”, ” On brave mountains we conquer”, ” Massachusetts”, ” This is how”, “A better place”, “Hide your secrets”, “Arrivals”, “In the place of solace”, “In silent seas we drown”, “California”, “The wind shifts”, “To live and to lose”, “With second chances” and “Departures”. The album is thirty seven minutes long.

All the songs have a story to them and are done by most precision. The songs were written and recorded by a lot of effort by the group members. “Massachusetts” is the song about ones struggle throughout the life and living aside of abusive and problematic relationships. The song tells about the feeling of one and the sad reality of a disrupted relationship. The song also conveys a message that a time might come when one at last gets happiness in life.

“This is how” is focused on the fact that people that are different from each other in every aspect are actually same inside and have the same approach towards life. At the end it is also revealed that everybody needs the same thing in life and the life is not that different from each other.

The first songs of the album deal with the idea of death and life after wards. The singer in these songs also states that love in the life can either make you or entirely break you in pieces, it your fortune that would lead you to it.

The guitar playing and the piano in the songs are extraordinary and produce a soothing along with catch effect on the music. The listener surely indulges in the songs and can easily forget what’s happening around.

The song “In the place of solace” is the most heavily written song in terms of lyrics and in term of music as well. Its strong message is inevitable by any one and one cannot stop but surely feels the pain behind it. The song second chance and departures are also very well written and have a very nice music to go along with these.

Over the entire album is very unique and gives very positive but true messages about the life and its experiences. The album is great one for collectors and decent music lovers.


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