When a man loses its front man, it gets sometimes hard for them to rebound it. it is kind of like losing your identity. Saliva is the latest band, which lost their front man Josey Scott who departed to pursue a Christian career. So new vocalist “Bobby Amaru” enters. As a result, their new record “In It To Win It” came into being. “Saliva” is back, but with a different style, look and voice. The band has just polished their new album. Their blistering new style is prominent on the main track.

The album consists of many hit tracks. The music is so beautiful that people admire it. Lyrically his album is saliva to the core. The new vocalist has brought something new to the table. The album enfolds tracks like In It To Win It and “Animal”. These songs are wrestling or boxing themed or can be easily used to motivate oneself while fighting. “Rise Up” is almost everybody’s favorite as it proves all those who look down at you wrong and unleash your full potentials.

The band also introduces a song “Redneck Freak show” in which they express their feelings about their live shows and they never give a damn to what people say about them. Despite the slight comedic value of its title, it is an outstanding number. In short, it is the number one that can blast in the parties. Slow songs also accompany the faster ones.

“Lost” is one of the examples. It has a very slow mood consisting of slow and light music with soft and melodious beats and the soothing vocal effects are there to cherish the song. The lyrics of the song convey the message of stop looking at yourself and your soul until you find, what you are.

This song makes a man proud of what he is today and not to look behind and regretting for what is not there in his life now. This track really speaks to you. The lyrical content of the whole album is so dark, deep and personal that the audience will cling into it.

The intermittent order of the sizzling tracks allows us to hear the full album and not to miss even a single song. The track list from top to bottom is highly loaded with the cracking numbers that it gives an immense pleasure to the soul.

It will not be just flattering that Saliva has done a great work. Comeback of the band is brilliant. Any old school Saliva fans will love this record. When I heard the lead single of the album, I was of the feeling that I am going to love it.

It focuses every single number of the album. After its release, it is obvious that it is going to touch the height of success. This proves that the change of the main man, made no difference to the band and they are standing firm with all their devotions.


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