It has been long 6 years since released his first solo venture as a recording artist. Now, he is out with another CD to please his growing number of fans. Every willpower by album review would reiterate how interesting this compilation is. It cements the rapper’s status as a recording royalty.

To most music critics, the album showcases mixed fortunes. There are 15 tracks and generous pomp and lively beats. He has strived to make this project deviate from the typical sound of Black Eyed Peas, which is being missed by its fans to date. But as you wait for another album from the group, this one could be a worthwhile alternative.

To many listeners, this album could be ridiculously long as well as indulgent. According to insiders, this CD should have been released in 2011. But many things happened and its launch was delayed to 2013. The fragmented structure of the album is evidence to this information. Here are some of the interesting songs from it.

The World is Crazy’ definitely packs a punch although the track does not come in first in the listing. It features lyrics that showcase celebrity culture and superficiality amid a sobering and conscientious tone. It sounds rich compared to other vacuous songs in the album. Some consider it as relatively simple although driven by vocal flourishes and husky beats.

Ghetto Ghetto’ is an oddly enthralling track. It has subtle beat drowned in piano. The frothing sound definitely contrasts the harsher subject matter. The precocious guest vocals bolster its power and appeal to listeners. All its outstanding elements highlight the trivialization of the issues tackled in the lyrics.

This is Love,’ one of the first two singles released from the album, combines sophisticated effects like R&B and club beats. The track is arresting in a genuine manner, established by round and gorgeous piano overlay. Eva Simons’ powerful voice added more drama to the song.

Scream and Shout’ is familiar as it was released a few months before the launch of the album. The song features pop superstar Britney Spears, making it sound a lot catcher for pop fans. The song is ubiquitous and insidious at the same time. Plus, it is the kind of song that may grow in you as you continue to listen to it.

Freshy’ and ‘Let’s Go’ are heavy-handed intermissions. The two tracks are noted for abruptly extinguishing the momentum exuded in the album’s initial songs. Those are appropriately followed by the popular collaboration between and Justin Bieber in the song ‘That Power.’ However, some music critics think that this track lacks enough power. It is livelier than other preceding tracks but it is definitely not exceptional.

Overall, willpower is definitely a good effort from It has gaudy pop tracks that work sublimely well. Other songs in the album are effective in leaving a lingering impression. For R&B and hip hop fans, this CD is definitely worth listening to. It has the potential of topping other albums in most music album charts around the world.


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