Welcome Oblivion is the second album of American Postindustrial group called “How to destroy angels”. The musical group features Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan.  The album was released under the label of Columbia records.The album was released in March, 2013.  The album was released in two version the first one is 66 minutes long and the other version has bonus tracks.

The songs include “the wake up”, “Keep it together”, “And the sky began to scream”. “Welcome Oblivion”, “Ice age”, “On the wing”, “Too late, all gone”, “How long”, “Stings and Attractors”, “WE fade away”, “Recursive Self-improvement”, “The loop closes”, and “Hallowed Ground”.

Masndig the lead vocalist has done a tremendous job in the album by providing her vocals. Her work in the album is like the one which would truly inspire others.  The singer has taken her vocals to a rhythmic flow and has balanced the music with her voice in the songs. In some of the songs she has provided with loud and screeching vocals while in some other she has transformed her vice into soft and melodious type. The serenity of her voice in the romantic numbers is the one that no one should miss.

Her pleasant voice with the electronic music is a very subtle feature of the album and urges the listeners to hold on to the songs till the end.  The songs are all high and slow paced both but the band has made an astonishing work in balancing the vocals with the loud music at the background along with the slower one too.

The ending of this album has a lot of high grade metallic music and the song “Hallowed ground” is the fine example of it. The songs go on in a running pace and end up smoothly leaving nothing behind but the true experience of metallic rock music. The music used in the songs is great. The basic guitar playing, drumming at the back ground and the accurate amount of Bass level in the songs have made the sound tracks quiet a choice for listeners.

Some of the people might not like this sort of heavy music all in the second half of the album. Some critics have complained of the music to be a bit too loud for the music lovers. It is also said that at certain points the music becomes louder than the vocals and make it difficult for t the listeners to comprehend the lyrics of the song.

The future of the band “How to destroy angels” might not be settled yet but the band has a lot to offer. If the band works a Littlemore on the music and the balancing of vocals with it, they can certainly come into the lime light and can stand in the line so successful bands. And those who are already the fans of music would be delighted to have this music album in their music systems.


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