Kenny Chesney is an American country music artist. The album “Welcome to Fishbowl” is his fifteenth studio album. The album was released in June, 2012 under the banner of Blue Chair and Columbia records.  This album was produced by Buddy Cannnon and Kenny Chesney himself.

Kenny has invited other artist from the music industry to perform with his self as well. The first single of the album was a duet “Feel like a rock star” was performed by Kenny Chesney along with Tim McGraw. The second single “Come over” was released In May 2012.

The album made good business worldwide and was placed note number two spot on the US billboard 200. The only album ahead of this one was Justin Bieber‘s “Believe” at that time. The album received very positive reviews from most of the critics and gained a rating of above average in most of the music reviewing websites and magazines.  The critics acclaimed the album to be very well written and very well thought.

The album got the most positive reviews from the fans themselves. However some of the critics also commented that this album is not one of his best albums, he was expected to work more effectively, but this doesn’t mean that the album is his worst.

It was said that the mixing of the album was done pretty well and was produced in a very good way, but at times it looks that the artist Kenny is not putting much effort in the vocals. The lower quality of vocals is evident in many songs and has therefore become the cause of the average quality of vocals in many places in the album. It is seen that the artist had all the qualities to make the album much more different than the present quality but he hasn’t done the job very well.

Th4e album is fifty three minutes long and has twelve songs. The songs include “Come over”, “Feel like a rock star”, “Sing em good my friend”, “Welcome to fish bowl”, “I’m a small town”, “El Cerrito place”, “Makes me wonder”, “While he still knows”, “Time Flies”, “To get to you”, “Always gonna be you”,  and “You and tequila”.

The album managed to enter on the number one position in the US billboard top country albums, along with this also got onto the top positions in Canadian, UK country album charts, Australian album charts and US billboard 200.

The album was also certified gold in the United States. Over all the album has done a good job in getting to the charts and has some inspiring music as well, but it lags in the area of the newness and quality work. The album could have been made batter if the artist would have put a little more effort than this one and would have worked a bit harder on the quality of the vocals. Over all the album is a nice package a surely a treat for the fans of the artist.


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