Twenty one pilots is an American duo from Ohio. It was formed in 2009 and has the members Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. This duo has released two self-released albums till now. Vessel is their first full length album sponsored by Fueled by Ramen.

It is their third album. The album has 12 songs which are all written and composed by Twenty One Pilot team. The tracks include “Ode to sleep”, “Holding on to you”, “Migraine”, “Car Radio”, “Semi- Automatic”, “Screen”, “The run and go”, “Fake you out”, “Guns for hands”, “Trees” and “Truce”.

This album being released by a major label is very different from the previous ones as it has taken out the originality and uniqueness of a duo in a totally new light. While having Tyler on vocals and piano, and Dun as the drummer have done a fabulous job.

The starting of the album happens with Ode to sleep; it is a kind of classic song with rage and anger prominently viewed in it. The song starts up with bang and high notes while turns to an even louder stance in the middle while mystifies into a calmer one till the end.

“Holdin onto you” is another song which is also a good one. This track has emotional lyrics and a serene music which is the best to capture the heart and soul of the listeners. It does include its self in one of the classic songs which can’t be resisted. But after this track the story changes, it is very common for the groups or bands to give two or three best songs in the debut album, and giving the rest as ordinary ones.

Well, this also happened with this album and the other songs after the first two were not really up to the mark set by the opening tracks. The tracks lack the quality of music and lyrics to make the listener adhere to the album. They quality of music varies in the tracks and the songs are also not very nicely written.

The thing in the album that seems really promising is the ability of the duo to shift the music up and down, one time they are giving you a boring time, at the next they are providing you with authentic and catchy music.

The songs “Guns for hands” and “Car radio” are the exceptional ones. These songs totally turn over the flavor of the album and provide the listeners with true entertainment. The vocal quality given by the lead singer of the duo Tylor is the strongest, he has ever given in any album or song.

Although it’s a first major label album released by the duo but it has proven for themselves to test their talent and to provide a view about themselves to the world outside. The duo has written some great lyrics with extravagant compositions. If they try to maintain a level of their work, they might be able to make huge fan list in the future.


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