Justin Rutledge is a Canadian country music singer and song writer. ValleyHeart is Rutledge’s fifth album, released February 2013 which was released under the label of Outside Music. It is produced by Justin Rutledge himself for the first time. He regarded as a low tined vocalist and his new album is no exception.

This album also shows his low experienced voice and ordinary melodies along with the exception in some of the songs. The lyrics are also not very unique and do not have true poetic quality to them.But if we look into the ratings he has done great job if that place.

The album managed to do a good business and is one of the most sold albums of the year 2013 till now.  Justin likes to experiment and takes his vocal quality to a limitnobody knows.  The experimentation with his own voice has  sometimes given him troubles , but it said by him that he is not in the industry to make ,one nut is here to work on music in all the different types he want to .

He is poet, novelist, and vocalistandplays some instruments as well.  The artist stated once that all the experimentation made him comfortable and that’s what he has done in this case as well, while making ValleyHeart.

The songs of this album are all unique and have a very clever music to them. Every song has a beginning a middle part and an end. The listener can feel all the stages and can experience all the emotion the singer wants him to have at the time of listening to the songs.

 The near perfect composition and the very own lyrics are the star of this album and takes the audience to a completely different world outsidethe atmosphere. The light pop and guitar playing had added lots to the album with the serenity of Justin’s luring voice. VelleyHeart is along but beautiful album and has many stands out sings in it.

The sad song Through eighth you is like an anti-breakout song that musters up the courage in all the lovers to take the initiative of holding on to the loved ones instead of letting go to finish the relationship.   The singer wants the audience to listen to his own Heart’s voice though his songs and melodies.

The lyrics give a stringer impact on the album as well.  The album is a must for all the diehard fans of the artist; it is a complete package and lush with good along with experimental music.

The beauty of the album is that the album makes the listener bound to it till the very end and then the listener urges for more to be given by the singer. It is one of the best albums of the singer and would be very much liked by his fans.  The decent volume, great lyrics and romantic symphonies are all that are the soul of this album.


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