Utopia is an extended paly released by the Estonian recording artist Kerli, she also does song writing It is her second extended play. The album was released in March 2013. The album came into the market after the wait of fife years and after the release of her first extended album in 2008 by the name of “Love Is dead”.

This album was supposed to be Kerli’s debut studio album but this came out as the extended play album this year.  The music in this album is electronic dance kind of album. The album was produced by Swedish duo Seventy Eight and English producer named Switch.

Two of the songs of the album were released prior to the release of the album and were released in 2011 and 2012 for the promotion of the album.The extended paly is twenty five minutes long and has only six songs in it. The songs include “Can’t control the kids”, “The lucky ones”, “Love me or leave me “, “Sugar”, “Here and now”, and “Chemical”.

The album received positive reviews from most of the critics and got more than average ratings on most of the rating magazines including websites.  The critics claimed that this piece of music would certainly enhance her performance. The album is also very fruitful in term of providing her new opportunities and for making hare mark in the music industry.

The album managed to mark its position on the billboards of albums.  The album got onto the second position in the EST chart and was placed on the ninth place on the US billboard of get electronic albums.

Along with these Utopia managed to make its place on the 196th on the US billboard 200.Eerie song in the album has got a story to it and Kerli as an impressive songwriter has done a wonderful job in writing them.

“The lucky ones” was a song that she wrote after one of her friend’s suffers from cancer and after that she made it and recovered fully. This song rolls that some of the lucky people on the earth are given the chance of a second life.

The song “Can’t control the kids” is another special one which is written about the kids of the new era and the way technology is producing different effects on the young minds which are pretty much difficult to control by the elders. Both of the songs are targeted and have the electronic music to them.

The music is potentially good and adds a flow to the albums. Then another track “Sugar” is also a new and impressive track with simplest of electronic music but is very enjoyable as well.

The song “Chemical” shoes the piano performance by the musicians at the background which makes the song a ballad kind of song which is a very refreshing addition to the album. The album overall is a very good attempt by the artist and has certainly paved way for her upcoming projects.


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