There is no doubt that Usher songs are among the most popular in modern R&B. This is not surprising as he is among the best-selling recording artists in the music history of the US. He has sold more than 65 million copies of records globally, thus making him among the best selling artists of all time.

The recording artist/performer has also bagged several coveted awards, including eight from the Grammy Awards. By the end of 2009, he was declared the No. 1 artist in the Hot 100 list for the decade (2000 to 2009). Billboard identified him as the No. 2 most successful recording artist in the same decade after his album ‘Confessions’ (2004) topped the list of solo albums for the decade.

Usher was born as Usher Raymond IV on October 14, 1978 in Dallas, Texas. His father left him and his mom when he was barely a year old. He grew up in Chattanooga with his mother, his step-father, and a half brother. His grandmother discovered his singing talent when he was part of the youth choir at their local church at age 9.

His family then decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, which is a more conducive city for aspiring singers. They believed that this move would help further hone and showcase his vocal talent. There, he went to North Springs High School. Unfortunately, his step father died due to heart attack.

After joining Star Search in 1993, LaFace Records signed him. In August 1994, his first self-titled album was released. It was produced by Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. In 1997, his second CD ‘My Way’ was launched. It contained more popular Usher songs like ‘You Make Me Wanna’ and ‘Nice and Slow.’

The third album ‘All About U’ was released in 2001. But it was pulled out due to uncontrolled leakage of some of the songs in the radio and online. The same album was revised and later renamed ‘8701,’ released in the second half of 2001.

‘Confessions,’ his fourth album, was also a commercial success. Its carrier single ‘Yeah!’ enjoyed many weeks on top of music charts in 2004. Succeeding singles ‘Burn’ and ‘Confessions Part II’ topped the Hot 100 of Billboard as well.

This album helped him earn numerous music awards that year, including Grammy’s, American Music Awards, World Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

In 2010, the album ‘Raymond v. Raymond’ was released after he divorced his wife Tameka Foster. It contained some other hit Usher songs like ‘OMG,’ which was a collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas’

The seventh album was launched in 2012 as a revolutionary pop CD, something different from his past CDs. ‘Looking 4 Myself’ earned positive reviews especially from critics of contemporary music. This year (2013), he is busy working for his eighth studio album. He again intends to make it sound differently from all his other albums.

While he is waiting for the album release, he is currently making himself occupied by being a substitute for Cee Lo Green in the hit NBC singing show ‘The Voice.’


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