BRUNO MARS, a 27 year old HAWAII native boy made his name in  the music world through his smashing debut album  DOO-WOPS + HOOLIGANS. Since then he is known as a blasting singer whose songs are a source of entertainment and mental peace for the generation of today. He is a marking symbol whom one cannot deny.

His debut album rocked the world and then he kept on rocking it again and again. We come to know the secret of his versatility when we listen to his music. He is much more than a pop artist and at the same time he is a jack of all trades.

Now coming to his album “UNORTHODOX JUKEBOX”, it’s easy to say that it is a great hit. Bruno has shown many new sides of himself as an artist on this album. he has shown us that he is just a human and for that this album slays his last album entirely. Tracks like Locked Out Of Heaven and Oh, YEAH, Yeahs! For instance, remain dizzyingly enjoyable with the soft beats.

But when we come to the songs like Money Make Her Smile and HEAVEN, it is easy to forgive the slow ones . There is a plenty of inspiration in the album. There are so many different styles on this album, that it never becomes stale or boring. Songs like THE POLICE and MOONSHINE might recall us of Michael Jackson but surely Bruno is not a copycat and implements his own ideas which is the major point.

BRUNO is a golden singer indeed and is here to save the music. This album is a proof of Bruno’s sincerity with the music. Musically, Unorthodox Jukebox is a glorious exploration of pop music, full of sprightly melodies, layered harmonies and catchy choruses. Bruno Mars has proven with this album that he is not a one-trick-pony.

He is a master of this field, one can confidently say. Listening to the songs of this album gives a calm relief to the man’s soul . He’s a guy who sounds most comfortable in the music industry so far. In a nutshell, Unorthodox Jukebox is a pile of diversity.


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