Uncaged is the third studio album by the Zac Brown band.  The album was released in July 2012. It was recorded in Atlanta, Nashville, North Carolina and Florida. It was released under the banner of Atlantic, RPM, and Southern Ground labels.

The band members wanted to create a dancing album so they went for this rocking dance numbers album. The album has more dancing songs and lesser serious ones.  The album was an instant hit and won the best country album in 2013 Grammy Awards.

It is forty four minutes long and has eleven songs. The songs include “Jump right in“, “Uncaged”, “Goodbye in her eyes“, “The wind”, “Island Song”, “Sweet Annie”, “Natural disaster”, “Overnight”, “Lance’s song”, “Day that I die”, and “Last but not least”.

The songs became hit right after the release of the album and the album charted on the number one spot in the Canadian and U.S album charts.  It also gained top positions on the Australian, Austrian and UK charts.  It was certified gold in Canada and United States.

The band members include Coy Bowles, Zac Brown the lead vocalist, Clay cook, Daniel des los Reyes, Jimmy de Martini, Chris Fryar and John Driskell. All the band members have done fabulous job in creating this album. The album is a true dancing and rock album. The drumming at the background is very professional and elegant.

The guitar playing is awesome and the bass have been used in the exact correct amount. The lead vocalist Zac Brown has also done a tremendous job in this album has given his voice a flow which was very surprising to come from him. The lyrics of the album are ultra-modern along with the compositions introduced.

Most of the critics of the music industry gave the album above average ratings and regarded that the band has done a wonderful job. The album was called the best effort yet made by the band members. Mostly the album got four or five stars out of five stars in the review websites.

The songs are truly country and have the exact amount of country music needed in them. The flow of the songs in the album is enough to make the songs liked by the listeners. The listeners can feel the histories and hard work done behind every song’s lyrics and compositions. The dance, ballad and samba rhythms have become one of the most prominent features of this album Uncaged.

The album is an inspiring one and lively too. It lets the listener to be caged inside the mesmerizing effects of the music and the quality of sound provided by the members of the band.

The album surely had all the qualities to be a Grammy winner which they actually achieved after one year’s release of this album. This album surely would make a great impact on the lives of band members and would let them move on to making newer and better music in the future. For the time being Uncaged is a king.


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