Two Lanes of Freedom is the twelfth album of country music singer and song writer Tim McGraw. The album was released under the banner of big machine records in February 2013. The album is almost forty six minutes long.  It has two editions. The album has eleven tracks in the standard edition.

The tracks include “Two Lanes of Freedom” , ” One of those nights“, “Friend of friend” ,”Southern Girl“, “Truck yeah”, “Nashville Without you”, “Book of John”, “Mexicoma”, “Number 37405”, “It’s your world”, and “Highway don’t care“.

The album became a hit after the release and entered in the top charts as well.  It took the number one spot in the US billboard Top Digital albums and country albums. Along with this the album also got into the top ten positions of UK charts.

The songs Truck yeah and one of those nights of the album also got onto the peak positions of the US country charts and country airplay charts. This album is one of the best by the rock star.

There was time when he was struggling to get on the top and was trying to make his own mark in the music industry. The time has come and now he has his own place and identity in the music society. This only happened due to his hard work and true understanding of the country music.

The 46 years old cow boy has done a very good job in this album and it is a true gift for his fans. Truck Yeah and High way don’t care where loved by the fans and became really popular in his concerts as well.  McGraw has made no mistake in recording the music and writing the songs of this album.

He has provided his fans with the true flavor and essence of pop rock culture.  His strong voice and the excellent background music is just the much needed plus for the album’s success.

Most of the country artists try to flow with the current trends and forget about their own personalities.  McGraw is one of the few artists who has maintained his own unique identity and music in front of his fans from such a long time and has done a marvelous job in sticking to it.

The album’s leaning on to the charts is the evidence of the trueness of the artist’s work along with the amount of love he receives from his fans. Recently when he performed in country concert in US, he sung the title songs form the album along with the high way high song. This was cheered and roared by the fans and he had to sing the song twice due to the liking.

His career doesn’t appear to transform into a low knight but is strong as it was ever. His fine vocals, guitar playing and the good drumming in the back ground have helped the album to be a hit and liked by millions of his fans.


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