Yours Truly is the debut album of an English artist Ariana Grande. Ariana initially started working on this album in 2011. It is a result of three years of work. Yours Truly caries the expectations of the young singer who has already proven herself on the pop charts.

The album contains all the energies and hard work of Ariana as it is her debut album through which she hopes that she is going to touch the skies of fame. Ariana has come up with all her satisfactory efforts.

The album Yours Truly has touched a million of hearts as the audience wanted to listen to the music the way she has delivered. As we come to the tracks of the album, we find some sizzling numbers in it. The track The Way is the leading single of the album. Its deep music is so sensational and harmonious.

Her big and theatrical voice flutters in all the right places. The song features an American rapper “Mac Miller”. The album’s best number is Baby I coated in drumbeats. It is the second single of the album. It then follows the third sizzling number, which is Right There featuring American rapper “Big Sean”. It is also a lyrically fit song.

The ravishing songs come intermittently in the album and give a soothing effect to the minds of music lovers. Ariana seems to be more gentle and smooth in her vocals when we come to Almost Is Never Enough. She totally overshadows her duet partner in it.

The lyrics of the songs like “Honeymoon Avenue” and “Right There” might not be lyrically strong or impressive but the vocalist is. “Tattooed Heart” and “Piano” are also the standouts of the album, which we cannot ignore. She needs no training for her vocals. The sparkling jam “You’ll Never Know” effortlessly extends the album momentum.

The music used in the tracks is so enthusiast. Some of the tracks consist of hard and loud beats where as some of them are low pace numbers consisting of soft and smooth music. The pianos and drums justify themselves in the tracks. All the numbers have their own importance in the success of this album. The lyrics are also very important for a song to gain success.

Yours Truly topped the chart in over 30 countries. This is actually her leading success of which she was wondering while delivering the album. Ariana’s debut is solid we can say. It is cohesive, written with understandability and is sonically pleasing. Yours Truly is an eye candy I must say. It is a strong foundation for an artist who brims the talent.

Breezy airy-pop music relies more on talent instead of smoke and mirrors. On “Yours Truly” Ariana is primarily a musician who happens to have a nickelodeon background and a blasting debut album.

Considering all the tracks in mind we come to the opinion that she is going to rock the world, do u agree with me?


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