Trouble is the second album by an English recording artist Natalia Kills released on 2nd September 2013. One year later, after the release of her debut album Natalia started to gather material for her upcoming album.

Trouble is a pop and electro rock record. She did a lot of hard work for this album to be the best among all. This was the time to give something more out of herself to her listeners, something more vulnerable and aggressive. Finally, Trouble is on the horizon. Natalia’s voice has done a revamp.

The record has been described by Kills as “a retrospective of her various life troubles”. During an interview, it revealed that there was not a dash of dance or electro on Trouble. This time the album is more poppy and less dark.

The tracks in the album give a good spin to it. By reviewing the album, we must take a closer look on the tracks, it includes. “Problem” is the leading single that has become so popular, even used for a shoe commercial as well. One other track “stop me” is the heart and soul of the album according to me, as it is the most lyrically strong number.

The lyrics are so mature and adult. Repetition is the only flaw counted in it. Even then, it has hit a large number of likes.  On the opening, track “Television”, Natalia’s point is as clear as an HD screen. She explains about fuzzy fragments of news reports before launching into the meat of the track.

The album slows down a bit with “Devils Don’t fly”, a slow emotional electro track with a chilling chorus and haunting lyrics. It is no doubt a standout track on the album as it is a serious one. Natalia shows her vocal range nicely throughout the album. “Rabbit hole” is the song where one can imagine that Natalia challenges herself to write the funniest and dirties lyrics at the same time.

It has a little glitch music and fun dance steps, which makes a body to shake and bounce. Another number “Boys Don’t Cry” is the best of all. It is a summer hit and probably the most happy, song of the album indeed. At last, track “Trouble” beautifully closes the album being the last but not the least on the track list. It is a drum heavy track with a stadium rock feel. The song is actually about what you think. Kills tell us that she is a trouble. It ends the album spectacularly.

The best part about “Trouble” is that how authentic Natalia comes across during the whole album. Trouble is a phenomenal album that truly deserves to be at the top of the charts. Now I can say that Natalia has finally evolved into her. Trouble is definitely a separation from Natalia’s previous works. It is time to chill and dance that music industry has a new track list for the completion. Right?


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