“Emiliana Torrini” was born on 16th may 1977. She is an Icelandic singer who is famous for her song “Jungle Drum” which was released in 2011. She has been a member of an Icelandic group “Gus Gus”. The album was released on 6th September 2013 in several countries. The title of the new album is  Tookah.

The album is a mixture of several mood swings and contains a large variety of songs in it. Every song has its own worth. We cannot ignore even a single track a single track and all of them need a review.

So coming towards the lyrics, we can blindly say that the album enfolds a beautiful lyrical content and the composition of the music is mind blowing. All the songs have a best lyrical content a song can have. Here the effortless work of Emiliana seems to be brilliant.

The album opens with the title track “Tookah”. The word “Tookah” eludes to a blissful, ethereal feeling, in fact a safe word to pull you back from emotional turmoil we can sink into. The song is strengthen with gorgeous folk beats and a new beguiling instrument “swarmatron”, adding a buzzing drone to the song.

On the other hand, “Caterpillar” is a pure spun electronic silk and has intrinsic elements in it. Torrini’s voice is abundantly rich in the song. It is also harmonious against the fantastic acoustic dreamscape.

“Autumn Sun” is a beautiful melancholy song. It could be a metaphor for Torrini’s transformation as women. The ambivalence in the lyrics is delightfully subtle.

The lead single “Speed Of Dark” is an epic pop cross over and is pure audio mescaline. It is easy to become enchanted with it. There are some beautiful personal touches like “Elisabet”, a sleeping ode to a formidable aunt and “Home”, which pitches Torrini on folk territory and thankfully lifts a slick shuffling melody.

“Blood Red” turns proceeding rather dark and striking. The exquisitely sinister and haunting air of the track could well pay homage to the Eliza Day that Nick Cave speaks of in “Where The Wild Roses Grow”.

The closing track of the album “When Fever Breaks” is a daring sounds cape that reinvents the feel of this album beginning with guitar riffs and breathy interludes, weaving into introspective ambient territory with shades of Zero 7.

Every song gives you something new and exciting, while holding tightly on to Emiliana’s flawless voice and melodies. It is not a surprise that every single track seems to be wonderful. “Tookah” is an impressive return for Torrini and has a timely autumnal feel. The excellent production wraps torrini’s voice in the clouds of buzzes, swooshes and warm instrumentation.

I think that it is not hard to say that the album will fly higher. The tracks are so melodious that every mind wants to hear them as a symbol of peace and calm. The album packs Torrini’s work beautifully. One should go through it definitely.


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