Time is the sixth studio album of the South Korean band Tohoshinki. The band released its sixth Japanese studio album in March 2013 under the banner of Aez Trax of Japan. The band specializes in pop, electro pop, dance pop and dubs step kind of genres.  The album was a hit both economically and fan wise.

The album became a hit right after its release. Its more than one hundred and sixty thousand albums were sold in the first day of release. The album set the record of most selling album of the year and held the position of second at selling the most amounts of copies sold by any group on the first day of release. The album “Time” has sold over two hundred and eighty one thousand copies until now.

The album is almost 45 minutes long and has fourteen tracks. The album was released in three versions naming track A, B, and C.  the tracks include “Fated”, “Catch me “, “Aitakute aitakute tamaranai”, “One more thing”, “Still”, “I know”, “Y3K”, “Blink”, “Humanoids”, “Android”, “One and only one”, “In our time”, “Rat tat”, and “Winter rose”. The two final songs “Rat tat tat” and “winter rose” are available in version C of the album and are called bonus tracks.

The album charted on the number one spot on the Oricon daily albums and was certified a platinum certificate by RIAJ for selling over two hundred and fifty thousand copies.

The lead vocalist of the duo Changmin and Yunho have done a wonderful job in providing their vocals to the songs.  The album has very upbeat and happy sort of sounding tracks. It represents the album of the youth of the Korea along with all over the world. The song “Catch me if you can” is a very nice song and has a lot of beats.

It is the kind of dance songs that you would like to play in a party or will be there to make your mood lift up. The musical instruments are widely used in all the songs and have served as a pillar for the whole album.

The chorus in the Korean song is great and repeated sound of the whistles makes it glossier. The voices of both the vocals are evenly matched and well balanced with the melodies. The music being used is great as well.

The guys know where they needed low music and at what point they needed an upbeat.   The hard work they boys have put in the album along with the knowledge of the music in trend now a day is the shot that the band has played in this album, while the shot has gotten to the right target.

The album was a huge hit in the Japanese sector and was very well received in the European regions as well. The album is a true sport in the music industry and has certainly helped the boys to put a mark in the industry.


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