Gloria Estefan, the seven time Grammy award winner is the unbeatable queen of Latin pop. Recording  “The Standard”   has been a lifetime dream for Gloria. This album consists of many beautiful songs which have a deep meaning in her life. After over three decades, now she has decided to give start to “The Standard” subsequently giving amazing hits like “Embraceable You” and “The Way You Look Tonight”. This album is a collection of many fine and appealing songs whose lyrics are written by Estefan herself.

This is an entire album of jazz and cabaret classics which celebrate the vintage of American songs. The smooth and creamy voice of Gloria Estefan makes the album rich, bright and absolute.

“The Standard” is a romantic and multilingual interpretation of the American songbook. The main languages in which songs are sung are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. Songs like “Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar” and “Sonrie” in this album are also sung in other languages with the help of famous and adroit singers who have a grasp on those respected languages. Like Laura Pausini.

The album starts with a melodic song “Good morning Heartache”. This is a sad song in which she refers to the heartache and the way it stays with her forever. Despite the fact how hard she tries to send it away. And at last which causes her to be used to it. This song has an immense meaning and a beautiful poetry with a magical beat.

“Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar” is a Spanish song that is written by Gloria Estefan. This song also has an accordant beat and rhythm which makes it a totally magical song for the listeners. The listeners find themselves hypnotized by the symphonic rise and fall of this song.

“How Long Has This been going on” feat. Dave Koz

, Gloria feels lost and gloomy. The lyrics have a stupendous meaning. The wordings fit the beat and the tune amazingly. And the attitude of this song leaves the listener mesmerized.

The epic creation “Young at Heart” is a song full of life and motivates man that regardless of the age, one should live to the fullest and fulfill all his dreams before he die. And if he lives up to a very long age, at the end he will be happy as he perfected his life. The pattern and pulse of this music gives an extraordinary enchanted feeling to the auditor.

This album also has other many catchy songs like “The Way You Look Tonight” feat. Dave Koz, “What a Wonderful World”, “I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face” and “What a Difference a Day Makes”

This is a sizzling and breathe taking album which can go up very high and might be rated number one on the billboard because of its unmatchable alluring and graceful poetry.

In my opinion, this is a very simple yet a pleasing set of album. And “The Standard” truly is the- standard.


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