The Barden Bellas – Riff Off: Ladies of the ’80s


The Barden Bellas – Riff Off: Ladies of the ’80s Review

TV show ‘Glee’ started the trend. From the TV screen to silver screen, musicals are gaining popularity. That could be the reason the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’ became an instant hit. If you love musicals, this motion picture could somehow get you filled up with the right dose of sing and dance numbers.

The highlight is the brewing competition between the a capella groups of The Barden University in North Carolina.

One of the most popular in the campus is The Barden Bellas. The all-girl group used to perform songs that are popularized by women. However, when a new member named Beca came in, the group’s repertoire somehow changed.

The result: a more experimental and daring a capella group that is up to take the challenge and go to unexplored territories. In the last completion, all groups were given the chance to shine by performing their chosen pieces. The Barden Bellas sang ‘Riff Off—Ladies of the 80s.’

The track includes samples from a variety of hit singles: ‘Mickey,’ ‘Hit me with Your Best Shot,’ ‘Like a Virgin,’ ‘S&M,’ ‘I’ll Make Love to You,’ ‘No Diggity,’ ‘Let’s Talk about Se*,’ and ‘Feels Like the First Time.’

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