Tales Of Us is the sixth studio album duo by Goldfrapp. The band started recording their recent album in April 2011. It is Goldfrapp’s most sophisticated piece of work and one of their consistently satisfying albums. This is the real music for the real people dealing in real emotions. The album is the best example of the band’s efforts. This album covers beautiful tracks intermittently.

This season, their guise is natural. The lyrical content of the whole album is so fascinating that one can feel its depth down into the heart. The energies are put into it whole heartedly. The songs come in a beautiful manner through a list set as the feel of mood swings.

It is a delicious autumnal listening. The piano on album opens with the “JO” which sounds like raindrops splashing on your windowpane, while the strings are keen like winter winds. “Annabel” could be a competitive Kate Bush breathing in a cold winter frost on her Wuthering Heights.

“Clay” was inspired by a real life soldier’s letter to his dead military lover. Feel the yearning through lyrics like “Your deep sea eyes/ancient stars”.  Alison Goldfrapp is a continuous caress, melting through the layers of sound on “Alvar”, a sweet sound song like “Simone”.

Tales Of Us is beautiful but quiet. The listener is left melancholic rather than uplifting in the song like “Stranger”. “Feel the cold arrive in my bones” is a part of lyrics which she sighs in “Drew”. You are left with some sort of empty hole in your gut of what you were not aware. But perhaps that is what Goldfrapp wanted. Her anxious vocals are riveting in the first single.

Every song refers to a different character in the album. The songs are so melodious that everyone needs to listen to them more than once. They give a mind blowing peace to the soul.

Admittedly with a few expectations, it is hard to find any flaw in the whole album. The ultimate powers and energies are shown in the tracks. The vocalist is a source of pleasure for the listeners with the effects of her mood swings in different songs.

The low pace songs are sung in a depressive and a stressed way to make a person feel the depth of the singer’s lyrics.  On the other hand, the fast and bouncy tracks give the feel of dancing and splashing the water waves.

The composition is so well that it cannot be ignored. The lead vocalist sets the ground in a way that the music industry seems to be blessed by the release of this album. It will not be wrong to say that the nation is expecting a lot from the band.

The band is also given its best in reaction and has proved itself. Band’s journey has started to reach its higher place. The energetic and hardworking band has given a gift to the world in the shape of their new album. Let us wish all the best to the band to raise the music industry at its peak.


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