Synthetica is studio album by the Canadian Indie rock band “Metric”. The album is the band’s fifth album.  The album was released in June, 2012. It was recorded in Electric Lady Studios and Giant Studios in Toronto and New York City.

The album was released under the banner of Metric Music International and Mom + Pop music. It was produced by Gavin Brown, John O Mahony, Liam O’ Neil, and Jimmy Shaw.

The album contains eleven songs and is forty three minutes long.  The songs include “Artificial Nocturne”, “Youth without youth”, “Speed the collapse”, “Breathing Underwater”, “Dreams so real”, “Lost kitten”, “The void”, “Synthetica”, “Clone”, “The wanderlust” and “nothing but time”.  The album was also released in the deluxe version.

The band members include Emily Haines who is the vocalist and the guitarist, Joules Scott-Key as the drummer; James Shaw is the guitarist and Josh Winstead as the bassist. All the members have performed in the album along with these other people also collaborated in the music and other areas of the album.

The album received mostly positive reviews from the music critics of the industry.  The album got normal ratings from the critics in many magazines and web sites. The album sold over sixteen thousand copies in Canada after the first week of release while twenty seven thousand copies were sold in the first week after release in the United States.

The album peaked on number one at the US alternative albums, and number 2 at the Canadian and US independent album chart. Along with these the album managed on entering higher position In the Australian, Belgian, German, Irish indie, UK Indie, and US top rock albums.

The albums unique thing is that it has a very different kind of cover. The album has the song “The Wanderlust” whose lyrics are written in the cover in the backward style to make the words prominent while making the lyrics readable. The album has the glossy touch of acoustic guitar, great drumming and pleasant back ground music.

The lyrics complement the composition and create a very good ambiance when it is played. The album has the rocking attitude associated to it and has the accurate amount of music being played. The band has done a flaw less job due to which the album’s effort is appreciated by the critics.

The album has the right amount of flavors and great quality vocals. The lead vocalist has done quite a job in the singing department.  The highlight of the album are the songs “Artificial nocturne”, “Wanderlust” and “Nothing but time”.

The songs represent ballad, dance numbers along with the depressive numbers in the album. The positive reviews from the fans and the selling of the album shows the talent that can be demonstrated by the band members.  It is a very good album and makes you dance whenever you want to. It helps the time pass in a great manner and is thus a very good effort.


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