Juicy J is a renowned American rapper. He is famous for his hip hop music in the American music industry. He released his third studio album in august 2013 by the name of “Stay Trippy”. It was recorded in the time of three years and was released under the label of Taylor Ganf, Kemosabe and Columbia records.

The album was produced by various famous producers including Juicy J himself, Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Luke, Baby E, Crazy Mike, Lex Luger, Mike Will, Danny Boy, SAP, Supa Dupas, Timbaland, Young Chop, and others.The album features many other singers and artists including Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Yalawolf, Trina, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and many others.

He started working on his this third album in the year 2011 in collaboration with the rapper Wiz Kahalifa. Later on he announced in 2012 that he is going to launch his third album soon by the name of “Stay Trippy”. After that he said once in 2013 that the album was finished and he was going to launch it soon and will be working on the next album after that. His album before the release in 2013 entered in the 50 most anticipated albums of the year.

The album is sixty one minutes long and has 16 songs. The songs Include “Stop It”, “Smoking Rollin”, “No Heart No Love”, “So Much Money”, “Bounce It”, “Wax”, “Gun Plus A Mask”, “Smoke A Nigga”, “Show Out”, “The Woods”, “Money Do It”, “Talkin Bout”, “All I Blow Is Loud”, “Bandz A Make Her Dance”, “Scholarship”, And “If I Aint”. The album also had some bonus track for the other edition of the album.

The first sound track of the album by the name “Bandz a Make her dance” was released In September 2012 almost one year prior to the release of the album. The song became pretty famous and entered the billboard 100 at the 29 number. It was certified platinum upon its success.  The second song “Show out” featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy was released after wards; this song entered the billboard hundred as well.

The album received positive reviews on the whole by the music critics. The album received average reviews from the magazines and reviewing websites.  Some of the critics regarded Juicy’s songs vulgar and reckless, while others regarded them to be repetitive and meaning less while prompting upon drugs.

Although the lyrics of most of the songs were not appreciated by the critics but the music impressed many. It was seen that Juicy certainly had worked on the quality of the music. The album had all the ingredients of a rap music album and had had the loud screeching music needed for this kind of album.

As mentioned earlier the lyrics were not matched and did not have any meanings to them.  The lyrics were more of lacking moral values and the decency. Although the album managed to receive a fair bit of appreciation but did not get it from everybody out there.


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