Start The Party is an album by the Welsh rock band the Black Out.  It is the fourth studio album by the band and was released in January 2013 under the label of Cooking Vinyle Records. The album is a typical rock and roll album.  The length of the album is thirty seven minutes and is produced by Jason Perry.

The album has 11 tracks with three bonus tracks.  The tracks include “Start The Party”, “Radio”, “We live on”, ” Let me go”,” Take away the misery”, “Keeping singing”, “Running Scarred”, “You”, “Free yourself”, “Sleep when you’re dead” and “Throw it away”. While the I tune version include “Boom shake the room”, “Super freak”, “Sorry for Party Rocking”.

Start The Party looks like an album made for the youngsters and youth fan club of the band.  It looks like the band had tried to show the fans how their youth was like and how they perceived it.  The album starts with the loud bang and roar of the true spirit of a rock band.  The music and lyrics are fine and looks simple. It looks the band focused on the stuff of being presenting the rock and producing a selling album.

People have said that the band had grown a lot in the past decade and have matured in the sense of music as well.  The band members have said that they wanted to bring uniqueness and new flavor in the songs while focusing on the happy feelings.  The album is focused on the rock genre and the track start The Party is a great one. It has a high beat and melodious chorus of the band members which makes the listener enjoy the song to the full swing. The track its self is very lively and rocking in true sense.

The album has also managed to do a good business in terms of selling. The songs have been aired many times on the radio and are being purchased many times on the internet and YouTube.  The band members Gavin and Sean have work together in a tremendous way to lift the album to a very good level. Their hard work is evident in the album and mix harmonies in tracks have created an illusion for the fans of the___14 band.

The vocalist has also shown extra jubilant vocal shifts which are not much expected from the rock band artists. The great quality of the vocals involved in the album suggests that the band members are capable of producing high quality music with head on start top the top.  The album has made the critics to look for the band.

The album might not be the best out there yet but with a little extra hard work and foreplay the band can gain an easy excess to the top charts.  Over the entire band’s performance in the album was likeable and was loved by the fans. Let’s see what they have got to put forward in the future in the music industry.


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