Speed of Light is the first studio album of famous DJ and singer Dirty South whose actual name is Dragon Roganovic. He is a Serbian Austrian artist.  He gained his name in the field of music as a DJ and released many extended plays. This album Speed of life is his first album. The album was produced by Dirty South and was released under the label of Phazing records.

The album is almost forty seven minutes long and has ten sound tracks. The tracks include “Gods”. “Super sounds”, “Until the ends”, “”Champions”, “Sunrise”, “Your Heart”, “Reset”, “Something like you”, “Sunset”, and “Speed of life”. This album was one of the most anticipated albums of the year only because of the artist who is the star of this album.

The album has numerous exciting tracks that would be liked by people who would have this album. The album starts with the song “Speed of life”; the song is great and has a great music associated to it.

The instruments used in the songs are used with a lot of care and have a true feel to it. The listeners will surely enjoy the balance of music with the lyrics.  While taking about the lyrics, the lyrics are written in a very mannered way. Lyrics are smooth and flowing, having particular scenarios for particular songs.

The songs open with a stage of multi instrumental music and gain the flow of the flowing lyrics throughout the tracks which is very impressive. From the work of it, the album doesn’t look like the first album of the artist but looks like a one from a very mature artist.

In the other song “Speed of life” the guitarist has done a superb job. The guitar in the background is heavily used but with a lot of ease as well while making the song look more alive. The songs “Until the end” are another graceful attempt.  It follows the same stance like the previous ones and also features the slow electronic music at times in the track.

Along with the loud songs there are slower ones also which are perfect for creating a slower tempo and a low beat electronic music trance. The album has a complete balance of all kinds of songs in it and thus serves as a full entertainment package for the music lovers.

All the loud music, great drums and glittering at the background along with the slower ones with not so loud music are the true spirit of this album. The album is thought fully written and the songs shoe that too.

The music is carefully chosen and composed which shows the hard work and talent of the producer. The result of all these works has come upon in the form of the extravagant album like this. It is truly a present for the music lovers and will add on to the fans of Dirty south as well.  If want to hear some good music, then this album is a must.


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