Sound System is a box set collection by “The Clash” released in September 2013.  “Mick Jones” is the lead guitarist of the band. According to him, there are a lot of things in this album through which nobody has gone through before. All the music has been re mastered from the original tracks. The album consists of fourteen unbeatable throws. It is a wonderful composition an album can have.

The Sound System aims to tell their whole story from the garage land furry of their 1977 debut to their messy-death-or-glory collapse in the Early 80s. their five great albums are here regenerated. It is the most complete audio history of the band ever compiled.

It consists of early crucial singles as “Complete Control” and “Groovy Times”. But there are also previously unreleased treasures from the Vault with the long time bootleg oddities.

As the title promises, it contains every take and false start from the album’s session, along with edits, amplifier hump, studio banter, jokes and random noises, not to mention the obligatory retrospective essays and interviews and other memorabilia- a nearly real-time, tortuously completing seven disc recreation of the creation of one of the greatest albums of the rock era.

Consequently the quality of the set rises and falls with the quality of the band, from the formative fusion of soul, rock and pop on their first three albums to the sudden exhilarating sound of it all snapping into focus with 1969’s Stand.

Tracks like “Everyday People”, “Hot Fun In the Summertime”, “Everybody Is A Star” and specially “Thank you” are the funkiest tracks on the album ever conceived. The album opens with “Jenie Jones” and is completed on the “Garage land”. All the songs throws the light upon their originals and just are reconstructed once again.

The songs are so beautifully composed that the album seems to be so strong in their composition. We cannot negate the fact that the album is flawlessly arranged with the help of best composers. The tracks are played in a momentum and the sequence seems to be intelligently arranged. Soft mood songs are also there in the album and loud and noisy ones also fits into it. Their music and lyrics are so well that it is the main reason that the album has got so much hype in the music industry of today.

It is undoubtedly clear from the reconstructed album that the music is once again given a new look by the vocalists and composers. The musical instruments used are so harmonious that it makes the album more melodious for a listener. The rearrangement of the songs have got a spectacular come back and is being cherished by the audience. The album perhaps has so many reasons for its leading success. In my view, it will be at the top charts of the music industry and will beat all the previous records. What do u think?


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