In a landscape as competitive as it is today, excellent singers hardly make a difference. But Side Effects of You by Fantasia album review articles point out that she tries her best to fulfill her destiny. After winning the ‘American Idol’ many seasons ago, it has been clear that she is destined to stardom. There is just a question about the timing. It could be now, as indicated in the following excellent tracks from that CD.

Supernatural Love’ features Big K.R.I.T. It is the song that heralds the new stage in the singer’s career. Surely, this serves as an ideal opening track for the CD. She sings about the awesome and supernatural love that she is fully in control of. In this one, she demonstrates her voice mastery. The beat is contagious and her guest recording artist’s presence is an additional grit.

Ain’t All Bad’ is a subtle anthem for women. The song talks about letting go of a relationship after losing love. The idea is that it is not always a bad experience. The reggae influence is an interesting feature of the track. The R&B factor provides a classic mid-tempo amid a nice beat.

Any listener could easily like ‘If I Was a Bird.’ It is not just another mid-tempo delight in this album. Here, she sings dreamily about finally ditching a partner because she is not deeply in love with him. The message is contrasted by the sweetness in the package and delivery. Her voice has strength that further makes the track interesting.

The track ‘Without Me’ features appearances of Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland. The song was released as the second single from the CD because it sounds irresistible. The execution of the track is what makes it a runaway winner. In this one, Fantasia plays with her softer tones again. Put three different artists and you would surely get a blast.

Side Effects of You is simply impressive. It is outstanding for its clever premise combined with upgraded emotional depth. She delivers in this song. It sounds like she is relating from her own personal experience. Here, she has apologized relationships with medical prescriptions. It is for listeners to find out why.

Heading back to her funk and rock roots, she channels Tina Turner in the song ‘Get It Right.’ The song is easily contagious; it could instantly make its listeners want to dance. The same goes for ‘So Much to Prove.’

Change Your Mind’ uses sample from Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m Your Baby Tonight.’ In the song, she exudes a level of self-assurance that may not be possessed by most of us. Here, she exhibits her innovative approach by infusing elements of rock into a typically pop track.

Overall, almost all side Effects of You by Fantasia album review articles talk about how the CD is a fun ride. It easily brushes off hang-ups and hesitations. The compilation manages to showcase her various approaches in nailing songs. It is a perfect album to herald a recording artists long-due emergence.


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