Lenka Kripac is an Australian singer and song writer. She specializes in Alternative pop genres. Lenka was an actress from the start and then turned to be a singer.  “Shadows” is her third album to be released and was released in June 2013. The album was produced by Lenka, Tom Schutzinger, John O’ Mahoney, Pierre Marchand and Kevin Salem. “Shadows” was released under the label of Skip along Records.  Lenka specializes in pop music and this album also belongs to this genre.

This album is forty one minutes and has eleven songs in it. The  songs Include “NothingHere But Love”, “Faster With You “, “Heart To The Party”, “After The Winter”, “Find A Way To You”, “Honeybee”, “No Harm Tonight”, “Two Heartbeats”, “Monsters”, “Nothing”, And ” The Top Of Memory Lane”.

The songs are in the vocals of Lenka whose voice is too sweet and sensual. Her voice creates a romantic ambiance and let the songs flow in pure rhythms. Due to her great performance over the year one of her tracks was included in the windows 8 launch which is a big honor for the singer. She has written some of the songs on her own.

The lyrics are serene and have the romantic look. Although the lyrics are too sweet but they also have a look of reality checks in them. All the lyrics show a story and lead the listener to the core of the story of the song. The songs are well thought and written with a purpose set in mind.

The starting tracks in the album are exciting and joyful numbers.  One’s mood can be easily uplifted by listening to them.  Shadows are an exciting album which has brought out the talent of Lenka in this way. The album was received with a lot of positive reviews by the critics; many of the fans loved her effort and the changed she made in her songs.

Her songs were no longer only romantic but thought provoking as well in this album. She was not only pleading desperately to love one but also showed her integrity through the songs.

She has performed as a well matured artist and singer in the album and has taken her vocals to the very far end from her comfort zone but has still mastered it with no problem seen.   The tracks are in proper order and none of them look misplaced or is fitted just to fill in the gaps. The music is serene and the composition is sweet with the true melodious touch.

Surely this is one of her best performances yet and she is up to her releasing her upcoming projects soon. We can hope that we will see even better performance by her in that one. For the time being this best work of Lenka so far and she deserves a lot of praise on this album of hers. It is her hard work that let the album entered the UK billboard on the top position after its release.


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