Garry Allan is an American country rock artist and has been into music from a long time now. He sings and plays guitar and also does song writing. Set You Free is Gary’s ninth studio album.  It was released in January, 2012. It was sponsored by MCA Nashville. The album right after its release became the number one album of the year on the American country rock billboard.   The first single of the album “Every storm” was one of the greatest hits of this album along with the later on released “Pisces”.

The album has twelve songs which are “Tough Goodbye”, “Every Storm“, “Bones”, “It Ain’t the whiskey”, “Stand in my soul”, “You without me”, “One more time”, “Hungover heart”, “No worries”, “Drop”, “Pisces” and “Good as new”.  All of the songs were written by different writers including Gary himself, along with prominent writers Josh Thompson, Tony Martin, Allan Write, Blackmon and Bruce Wallace with others.  The album was ranked on number spot on US billboard 200 and US billboard top country awards.

After the release of the album, it gained mostly positive review from the critics of the industry; the album also received a score which was above average proving that it was liked by the viewers. It was said that the songs were like the way they were expected to be from Allan and he proved that he can give his best again and again.

The music of the songs and lyrics both have contributed in the success of the album. The album was rated A+ and B+ by different magazines.  Each track has a surprising view and unique quality to it which makes it different from others. The quality of the tracks make it easier to go with the flow and makes them the feel the lyrics.

The main track of the album “Every Storm” has a uniqueness associated to it. The music and the lyrics used in the song are just perfect for the fans. The guitar and slow beats in the song make it irresistible for the listener to move onto some other song.

It was said that due to Allan’s growing age he might not be able to give any hotter like the way he used to. But he has proved everybody wrong with the w quality of work he has given.  In this much smooth and clean album he has proven once again that age does not erode the qualities of this singer but has made him to follow the path in a more mature way with lots of hard work.

All the songs are mostly slow having decent accent to them while Rock is the only one which is true rocker and has proved a great success as well.  The work he has displayed in the album has shut all the critics who were blaming him of getting lower than expected due to his age.Though he has proved with his efforts that age has brought the best in him.


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