Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness



  • Song Name: Kill Em With Kindness
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Selena Gomez
  • Featuring: N/A
  • Produced By: Benny Blanco & Rock Mafia
  • Album Name: Revival
  • Release Date: October 9, 2015
  • Genre: Pop
  • Record Label: Interscope, Polydor
  • Written By: Antonina Armato, Dave Audé, Benny Blanco, Tim James & Selena Gomez
  • Performance: N/A
  • Sampled In: Kill Em With Kindness (MAGIX Radio Edit) by Selena Gomez
  • Cover By: N/A
  • Remixed By: N/A

Selena Gomez – Kill Em with Kindness Review

This is one of those song reviews I am so eager to write about, why wouldn’t I be? If it has Gomez At the end of the name. Yes you heard me right folks, I am talking about none other than the Disney channel child actress turned music icon Selene Gomez. This time Gomez is going to kill you all with her kindness, well not literally; she has just released her new single titled Kill Em with Kindness from her second studio album titled Revival

The track saw release on May 3. 2016 under label Interscope on contemporary hit radio. The composition of the song has been by Gomez herself, Antonina Armato, Tim James, Benjamin Levin and Dave Aude. The song is fairly unique by Gomez’s standards as it believes to be the most lyrically intricate and unique song the album has to provide for. The album itself was released on October 9, 2015, and Kill Em with Kindness came to be the fourth and final single from the album.

The track saw mixed reviews from critics debuting at the later end of the US Top Hot 100 charts and previously sitting at No.72, as of present the song topped at No. 52. Not bad for a steep rise. The single has seen favorable responses in charts of other regions Belgium, Canada and Slovakia, in Australia the track topped at No.43 on the ARIA Charts

According to previous interviews by Gomez, this song holds a special place for herself as an artist as it deals with times of great stress and constant popularity and paparazzi. It is lyrically strong and the momentum holds to a very prominent disco theme techno backdrop. The intro is creative regarding the tune while whistle and soft piano begin.

Listening to the song over all just doesn’t seem right, there are so many elements you are focused by and kinda lose track of the seriousness of under lying message being communicated.

Regardless of the criticism, fans can’t get enough of it; on June 6, 2016 a music video was released on vevo. Much to the expectation of fans, the video was criticized for its monochromatic nature and not doing justice to song and truly adding into powerful lyrics.

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