Secret Symphony is the fifth studio album by the British singer and song writer “Katie Melua”. The album released on March 2013.  The album was recorded at the Air studios in London and was produced by Mike Batt under the label of Dramatic.  Many of the songs from the album are co-written by Katie herself. She once said that it was her dream to make a singers own album and I have done it in this album of mine.  The album is almost 43 minutes long and had eleven tracks.

The tracks include “Gold in them hills”, “Better than dream”, “The bit that I don’t get”, “Moonshine”, “Forgetting all my troubles, “Al over the  world”, “Nobody knows you”, “The cry of the lone wolf”, “Heartstrings”, “The walls of the world”, and “Secret symphony”. The title song is the last song of the album. The album debuted at number eight in the United Kingdom.It sold almost nineteen thousand copies in the first week after release.

The album got in the top position on the Polish Album charts. The album got the place on the second position on the German charts and third on the Austrian charts. The album peaked on the Swiss, Belgian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Scottish charts along with the Sweetish, Taiwan, Portuguese charts.

The album was certified gold in the Denmark and Germany after its release. It was also certified the platinum certificate in Poland and a Silver one in United Kingdom. The album became a certified hit because of the sweet voice of Katie and the soft melodies. The incredulous vocals of Katie along with the brilliant Orchestra provided by Bat have created melodies that are the purest and would be liked by the music listeners.

The opening track of the album “Gold in them hills” is one of the beauties. The serene music and sweet vocals provided by the artist is a sure measure of the success of this sound track.  The song has wonderful lyrics “If we’d only open our eyes and see the blessings in disguise. That all the rainclouds are fountains, though our troubles seem like mountains”,

The song “Better than a dream” is ballad kind of song and shows a romantic side of the album. The lyrics and the sweet melodies have served as very fine love songs.

The diverse musical implementation in the songs and the changing lyrics in a subtle way are enough to bind the attention of the listeners throughout the album. The things that have made a huge success possible for this artist and the album are the superbly written lyrics and the accurately provided vocals to the music by the artist.

The album is a true spirited art piece with the balanced and exact balance of harmonies along with lyrics. The artist’s integration of her own voice and knowledge of her potential have served as the basis of its likeness by the critics and fans. The orchestral music in the background increased the charm of it as well.


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