After a 4-year hiatus, it is time for ‘Save Rock and Roll’ by Fall Out Boy album review. The comeback album is timely and much awaited especially by the group’s followers. Thus, it deserves much fanfare.

Fall Out Boy was once described as the emotional rock band that helped shape the music landscape during the mid 2000. As the music scene took another direction, the group had decided to rest for a bit while they take strategies to go with the flow.

Four years seemed like a long time for FOB fans. But luckily, the long wait is over and we are all hoping that the band would never have to bow out once again. This album has many noteworthy tracks that include the following:

The Phoenix’ is an impressive opening track to the album that heralds the return of the group. The vocal dynamics have significantly improved, probably due to the side projects Patrick Stump took when FOB went to a 4-year hiatus. There are thuds of drums, electropop beats, big choruses, and orchestral instrumentals that make this song assume the feel of a dance anthem that FOB fans are mostly familiar with.

Alone Together’ is another proof that the group has angst that is ridden in the lyrics in their songs. This track makes it sound that FOB got the edge out of the pop-punk sound that predominate the group’s career.

Where Did the Party Go’ makes it sound as if FOB members have really missed creating music together. It is a track that reflects how the group is willing to perform to their fans again. The sound gets more dance-rock in this song, taking the theme of possibly continuing the same good old days. FOB sounds closer to their longtime followers in this track.

FOB has collaborated with Foxes in the song ‘Just One Yesterday.’ The combined vocals harmonize extremely well. They simply complement each other in this track. The emotional past of the group is somehow revisited as Stump sings about aiming to get back a girl with the intention of taking revenge to break her heart. Thus, it is vintage FOB at works here.

Miss Missing You’ may sound more like a track from Panic At the Disco or Cobra Starship, complete with the experimental style and pessimistic lyrics. This song could be considered as a generic filler in the album but it is definitely worth listening to. Just don’t expect it to leave a truly lasting impression.

Young Volcanoes’ could be the most radio-friendly song in the album. It features production values identified with boy bands. Acoustic guitar and hand claps are interestingly included, making listeners wonder if this really is an FOB track. But the group has proven here that it has become fearless in its approach to experimental music to sound more ‘modern.’

Save Rock and Roll’ features the legendary Elton John. It serves as the perfect closing song, hence, it is the title track of the album. The sound befits melodic closer to the CD, which is full of huge ideas, different sound, diverse production values, and clear direction. Expect any other ‘Save Rock and Roll’ by Fall Out Boy album review to echo the same perceptions. The bottom line is: FOB is back and we should celebrate.


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