Rocks and Honey is the sixteenth studio album by the much known Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler. The album was released in March 2013 after a gap of eight years from her fifteenth album released in 2005. This gap of eight years had been the longest in the artist’s career. Most of the tracks of the album were written by Nashville’s songwriters like Frank J Myers, Brett James, Desmond Child and Bret Hart.  The album has songs residing in both the country and rock genres.

The album received mostly positive reviews from the critics of the music industry and was liked by the musicians. The album also charted in the United Kingdom billboard with the help of its first and second single. The album also got good response from all over Europe and there again it charted on the billboards.

The album is fifty seven minutes long with fourteen tracks. The tracks include “This is Gonna Hurt”, “Sunshine”, “Believe in me”, “What you need from me”, “Crying”, “Little superstar”, “Flat on the floor”, “All I ever wanted”, “Stubborn”, “Love is the knife”, “Lord help me”, “Mom”, “you try”, “Believe in me”, and “Total eclipse of the heart”. The album was releases in two editions having one bonus track that is “Total eclipse of the heart”.

Tyler was making the plans to release the album from early 2008 but could not complete her project in time. She first announced her release of the album on BBC radio in which she confirmed the release of her upcoming album. The album was presented for the sale for the first time in France at the Amazon store. Most of the songs were recorded in the studios of Tennessee.

The album Rocks and Honeys got almost positive reviews from the critics. It was said that it is truly an effort from the artist and would surely serve to be her comeback album.The alum was recognized and called outstanding and marvelous by many critics of the music industry.

They also said that Bonnie Tyler is one of the best vocalists out there in the market and would remain one for a long time.  The album got on to the peak position of thirteen on the UK independent album charts. It took the position of 28on the Danish album charts and got into the 50s in the UK album, German Albums and Swiss Albums charts.

The smooth quality of her voice with the extra jubilant flow of the lyrics has proved one of the best reasons of success for this album. Her voice is raspy and timbre which compliments the lyrics. The duet of hers with the other singer is also flawless and serves as the best song of the album also. The songwriters have done an amazing job in writing the very perfect songs for the singer in this album. Do you agree ?