Robin Schulz – Sugar



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  • Song Name: Sugar
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Robin Schulz
  • Featuring: Francesco Yates
  • Album Name: Sugar
  • Produced By: Robin Schulz & JUNKX
  • Release Date: July 16, 2015
  • Genre: Pop
  • Record Label: Tonspiel (Warner Music Group)
  • Written By: Baby Bash, Happy Perez, Guido Kramer, Dennis Bierbrodt,, Frankie J,  JUNKX, Robin Schulz, Francesco Yates &  Jürgen Dohr
  • Performance: Peaked at No. N/A
  • Sampled In: N/A
  • Cover By: N/A
  • Remixed By: N/A

Robin Schulz – Sugar Review

‘Robin Schulz’, a great producer and German DJ featured the vocals of a Canadian singer, named as, Francesco Yates for a beautiful song, ‘Sugar.’ The song ‘Sugar,’ premiered on 17 July 2015 in Germany and recorded for the duration of 2014-2015.

The song ‘Sugar’ was labeled by Tonspiel (A Warner Music Group), and written by Francesco Yates, Robin Schulz, Nathan Perez, Guido Kramer, Ronald Bryant, Dennis Bierbrodt, Francesco Bautista, Jurgen Dohr.

The producers of this incredible song are Robin Schulz and JUNKX. The music genre of this song is dance, dance-rock, and deep house. This fantastic song ranked the 47th position on US Billboard Hot 100, 3rd at Australia, 21st at UK Singles Chart.

Most of the people applause for this dance-rock music track. This fabulous song ‘Sugar’ has some gentle musical taps, that sweep off the feet.

The amazing guitar riffs in the music track are incredible. Robin Schulz is a young, handsome music artist and DJ.

People mostly admire his songs.

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