Regions of Light and Sound of God is the debut album of Jim James who was famous for being from the morning jacket.  The album was released in February 2013.  The name of the album is inspired from Lynd Ward’s 1929 novel God’s Man, while the novel remained with Jim during the recording of the album as well.

The length of the album is thirty eight minutes and twenty four seconds with nine songs. The songs include “State of the art”, “Know till die “,”Dear one”, “A new life “,” Of the mother again” ,”Exploding”, ” Actress”, ” All is forgiven”,  and “God’s love to deliver”.

He was known to give vocals in the albums of my morning jacket but this the first time he went for the solo thing. This album actually gives a meditation kind of state when listened to.  The song A. E.I. O.U has a unique poetic charm that sometime looks like a nursery rhyme while at the other time feels like a great symphony.

The songs are rather too emotional and poetic or really professions. The singer has given his hundred percent in the album and have set a high point his own self. The songs have a romantic touch also and provide the listener with a subtle serenity. Critics say that he has tried to do his work like the way Elton John and Wayne Coyne have done and have tried to follow their path.

Though his seemingly soothing and poetic version of this album shows the melodious side of James but also give an idea that how far he can take the music and his own vocal range.  The songs at times are taken to a dramatic pause and are then again given a rhythm after a pause.

In the song “A new life” he just takes the listeners to another world and turns a simple folk tune to a show tune. The music is also marvelous as whenever he takes a pause in the song the music takes over and fills on the gap in the perfect way.

This album of James is nothing short of a true musical package. It is a must for music lovers and would be more loved by his old fans.  The albums take you out to a totally new world, the world James has created by creating this piece of perfection. It is seen that a band member if works on his own project, sometimes is not successful.

This case is totally opposite as he has put all his efforts in his creativity and has created a one man show that is bound to be liked even loved by the others. The album is one of the shortest works of his career but in these mere forty minutes he has done a job that has the ability to transform a simple scene into a poetic an and romantic one. This was something that was expected from him.


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