Basically, many of the Red by Taylor Swift album review articles note that this effort heralds her transition into the adult-pop realm. She may seem like finally dropping her typical teenage soap opera narratives for real-life and personal issues.

The 22-year-old country music singer is not a teen pop star anymore. The CD can be an attempt to retain her teeny bopper followers and generate more adult fans at the same time. Here are some tracks that truly standout in this anticipated album.

State of Grace’ serves as a slow and at the same time warm welcome track to the album. It offers a familiar ground particularly to her loyal followers, who have never missed to buy and listen to her three preceding albums. As you hear the song, you could easily tell you are listening to the right CD.

I Knew You Were Trouble’ is distinct because it begins as a fun song and it goes as such until the message gets awry. That is when its dub-step influence gets in. It is a mixed result looking better on paper but is not translating well on the album’s track listing. Not many fans like the song but it was released as one of the hit singles from the compilation.

Country music gets more interesting in the song ’22,’ which is actually a sad song but is concealed in a highly danceable beat. The song sounds like it celebrates youth especially the age 22. But again, as you analyze the lyrics, you could tell that she is trying to convey a deeper meaning to it.

Treacherous’ is a ballad paying tribute to the pop-country singer’s fan base. It sounds like a stripped down track supported by guitar strumming and hand claps. ‘Almost Do’ is an acoustic-based track tracing her roots in country-folk. It may sound more like her hit ‘Speak Now.’

You may be mistaken if you initially think ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is a classic Avril Lavigne song. In this piece, Taylor Swift has decided to sound flat and unconvincing. Vocal tweaking used made her sound much younger, almost going to the ‘bubble-gum pop’ level for teenagers.

Any album review for this one reiterates that ‘The Last Time,’ which features Gary Lightbody, is the most mature of all the tracks in the CD. In the song, she has proven that she is already suited to get into the adult-pop realm. Most music critics agree that it was a wise decision by its producers to collaborate with Snow Patrol lead vocalist to give the song a different sound.

Sad Beautiful Tragic’ is brutally honest. She turns her own raw emotions into finely tuned lyrics that talk about a love that is lost. This song is in line with her past hits that talk endlessly about falling and failing in love. Fortunately, this is just one of a couple of tracks in the album that may cause depression to her fans.

To cap this Red by Taylor Swift album review, everyone may agree that the CD was carefully and meticulously produced. To the country recording artist’s loyal followers, the tracks here might sound deeper in terms of lyrics and more diverse in terms of the genres covered.


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