Steven Wilson is a British musician and the album “The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)” is his third solo album. The album was released under the label of Kscope and is a rock and jazz fusion album. The album’s songs are based on the story of supernatural and the dark side of the moon.  The album is a deluxe 4disc edition of this album and is of fifty four minutes long.

The album has six songs in total by the name of “Luminol”, “Drive home”, “The holy drinker”, “The pin drop”, “The watchmaker”, and “The Raven That Refused to Sing”.  The album is available in two discs, three disc-sand four disc deluxe editions.

The album right after its released managed to enter the top 100 charts and made a position of seventeen on the Finish albums charts, it gained the position of thirty four on the Hungarian charts, third position on the German charts and twenty eighth positions on the UK albums chart.

Steven Wilson has served a producer and mixer in this album, the recording engineering was done by Alan Parsons. The album received mostly positive reviews from the critics.  It was recommended as a true rock album by the guardian. It was also said that the album is skillfully written and has the best lyrics that this album could have.

Every song is written with a lot of concentration and hard work. The compositions, melodies and texture of the music are the musts for the music lovers and the album will not disappoint its listeners.

 All the songs have a particular story to them and are inspired by their own themes.  The song Luminol has the best acoustic guitar combination with the lyrics any one could imagine. The song drive home is inspired by the driving rituals by others.  The song illustrates a ghost who had been killed and returns to talk to the lover on the passenger seat to tell her that what happened on that night.

The holy drinker song is for a guy who is very pious and has never done something wrong in the life. He walks on the path of virtue and never hurts others.  The man challenges the devil to drink with him but he cannot win from the devil in drinking so he is taken to the hell for his sins.

The tracks watch maker and pin drop talks about a watch maker who is very crafty and about a women who has passed some ages ago. The songs are actually the ghost stories of the two characters and tell about their lives.

The title track of the album is the best one and explores the life of an old man who is waiting for his life to end so that he could meet up his beloved ones who are no longer in this world.  The album is a classic piece and every song has a story of its own.


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