Random Access Memories by Daft Punk album review articles mostly emphasize its being a history lesson. Daft Punk proves to be an expert in paying homage. The duo has again proven that they could make waves through their unique brand of music. What makes this new studio album standout? Aside from being an interesting disco CD, each track has its own interesting and enticing feature to behold. Here are the main insights.

Give Life Back to Music’ is direct to the point. It takes listeners directly to the disco. On the contrary, ‘The Game of Love’ is full of cinematic sounds capes. The vocals are creatively delivered by sad-sounding robots. It has the lightness of what could be considered as easy listening.

Giorgio By Moroder’ is a monologue about the Italian synth producer. It sounds vivid and engaging before it proceeds into a synth that is reminiscent of Donna Summer. The track ends at its ninth minute in an abrupt but fashionable manner.

Within’ has poignant and gentle piano teaser. It entices listeners to listen more closely and expect a pleasant surprise. The song sounds as if a machine is doing the talking. The party beat can get contagious.

Instant Crush’ has more urgency than any other track in the album. Not to be missed are glided keys that collide with air guitar moments. The music can instantly transport anyone into another dimension. Meanwhile, ‘Lose Yourself to Dance,’ which features Pharell Williams, has life and energy brought about vividly by guitars. It can be considered as a slow jam, which eventually builds into disco vibes. And oh, did you hear Pharell singing?

The pre-album single also features Pharell. ‘Get Lucky’ is effective because it is naturally catchy. It gives the album the sound of being a disco manna. Anyone can infer that Daft Punk collaborates perfectly with this record producer-recording artist.

Touch’ sounds as if the androids are starting to get angry. Paul Williams provided more interest into the song. The robots talk about feeling sensation. The song features piano that lumbers into the ghost of a thin choir. Prepare to get into a nightmarish delusion.

Beyond’ sounds like another unique version of any Disney song. Don’t expect much from the lyrics. Just sit back and enjoy this treat. ‘Motherboard’ is cute, cinematic, and playful. It has strings that softly rise amid burbling melodies. It can get edgy and dark as the song progresses.

Fragments of Time’ takes us back into laconic disco. It features determined drums, suggestive guitars, and whimsical vocals. No wonder, music critics describe it as impeccably produced in the album. ‘Doin’ It Right’ features Panda Bear and is a better song that most tracks in the CD. Panda Bear was a big plus to make it sound well.

Lastly, ‘Contact’ sounds as if it was the soundtrack of an Apollo mission. It talks about U.F.O. The composition gathers pace as the song moves on. The track is aimed to be an expensive club banger.


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