The Psychic World of  Walter Reed by Killah Priest is the album released by the artist in 2013. This album focuses on the inner meaning and outer meaning of life and its complications.

The album is a hip hop style but is laden with ritualistic words, codes and proverbs. Killah was a member of a group that produced rock and pop music but eventually faded in the times. Only Killah is the member from that group that has managed to maintain his place and work on his own. This album of his very different from the ones out in the market as it shows ones with the knowledge and music which is pretty unique and not used by most of the artists.

There is a lot of rock and along with heavy guitar performances about the lyrics and topic of the album is the one which is totally different from the ones out in the, sic industry.   This is his tenth full length album and he has worked pretty hadron it too.

The basic hard work is done in the lyrics which are not must to be comprehended and understand by a normal pop lover.  The album shows the flavors of Christianity, spirituality and God’s point of view in each of the songs. It can be easily understood by anybody who is into history or Bible.

Kiblah can definitely do rap and he is an expert in it but the uniqueness of the album is the one which is quiet heavy to be digested by a common music lover. The music is typical pop and rock toe with lots of guitar and drums at the back. At times it becomes impossible for the listener pay attention to the track due to the heavy music. However Killah has made his own mark and has tried to come up with something new.

This new experimentation can be liked by a lot of people out there and can help in the selling out of this album as well.  The basic concepts of the heavenly poetic lyrics, the concepts of bible, after life and piousness are the ones to be noted in the album.

The lyrics are actually very well written and do have a hardworking effect in it .but the point is that the lyrics are very difficult for an individual to be understood and he has to know about a lot of history before listening to this particular album otherwise he won’t be able to grasp the concept behind the songs.

The heavy music and rapping do not go along due to the difficulty of t song and might not be liked by vast group listeners.

This album in short is a very hard worked and tailored on album but does lack the ability to interact with a common listener and to hold his attention for a wider period of time. It might sound interesting to the people who are history oriented or the true fans of Kilia Priest.


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