Reid, Kimberly, and Neil Perry formed their band when they were just teenagers following the relocation of their family to Alabama from Mississippi. It took them 10 years to finally release their first major self-titled CD in 2010. Three years after, it is time for Pioneer by Band Perry album review. The second album from the group is equally outstanding as the first.

In this new album, Band Perry has proven that it is good in crafting accessible melodies. Listening to the tracks in the album could be a breeze. What to expect from each of the 12 songs in the compilation? Here are brief descriptions.

Better Dig Two’ was first heard when it was performed live by the trio at the recent CMA Awards. The song blends the contemporary sound harmoniously with the Appalachian lyrics. It is an appropriate opening track for this sophomore album from the trio.

In the song ‘Done,’ Band Perry has picked right up from where it has left off. The piece has sass that could make it a good summer anthem. The accompanying music video was equally stunning. It was effective in drawing attention for this one.

The hit ballad ‘Don’t Let Me Be Lonely’ is an appropriate summer track. It has the potential of being a cross-over smash hit. In the song, Kimberly’s vocal prowess oozes with sensuality and urgency at the same time. It could possibly be a popular track.

The title cut, Pioneer, sounds like it was inspired by the 1983 TV show ‘Dallas.’ The instrumentation and harmonies create a good beginning. As the track goes on, there is an obvious hint of 1980s rock and then it reverts to its beginning before the conclusion.

Forever Mind Nevermind’ was inspired by the band Queen. No wonder, it was co-written by Brad Paisley. The 1980s rock influence is showcased. Aside from that, this could easily be the most dramatic in the CD in terms of the arrangement. It is simply a show stopper.

Night Gone Wasted and ‘Mother Like Mine’ are equally sentimental songs. The latter is obviously a tribute to the trio’s own mother. ‘I Saw a Light’ is a traditional country track that combines 1980s pop with country elements particularly at its bridge.

Chainsaw’ is clearly an ode to an old carving in a tree. It serves as a new approach to ‘Kiss Off.’ The next track, ‘I’m a Keeper’ flows smoothly as a radio-friendly piece. By the sound of it, the song was intended to be a monster mainstream hit.

Back to Me Without You’ is the best song in the album. It soars to the atmosphere as Neil and Reid’s harmonies sympathize with the pain and anguish of Kimberly’s vocals. Lastly, ‘End of Time’ is fully loaded with dramatic lyrics as well as arrangements.

As most Pioneer by Band Perry album review articles point out, this album is effective in making each listener want for more. Fans surely could not wait any longer for the follow-up CD.


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