Inna Is a Romanian singer and “Party Never Ends” is her third studio album which was released in March, 2013.  The album was produced by Play & Win. The album is the type of Electronic dance, pop and electro dance type of album.  The album is almost same to the previous albums of the artist.

Although her album has got a lot of praise from the critics of the music industry and have fame from the fans as well but did not manage to do a lot of business or managed to get to the top positions on the charts. Only one of its song “Tu si Eu” came on the fifth position in the Romanian top 100 songs.

There are sixteen tracks in the album and the album is fifty five minutes long. The tracks include “In your eyes”, “We like to party”, “More than friends”, “Fall in love”, “Shining start”, “Take me down to Mexico”, “Famous” , “Take it off”, “Tonight”, “J’Adore”, “Caliente”, “Crazy se*y wild”, “Inndia”, “OK”, “Live your life”, and “Party Never Ends”.

The album was released in two editions. One was the simple edition and the other one was the deluxe edition which was eighty minutes long.The album despite low business made a mark on the third position on the Japanese top 200 albums.

Crazy, se*y and wild along with the song Tu si Eu are the English and Romanian versions of the same song.  The music video of the Romanian version was released on YouTube and became an instant hit.  It was regarded as a most successful song in Romania by Inna.

The song Inndia was also released on the Romanian mainstream radio first and became a hit. It was aired thousands of times after its release date.  Another song “More than friends” was the first international song of the album to be released.  The music video was uploaded on the YouTube account of the singer by herself.  The song also featured Daddy Yankee a Puerto Rican recording artist.

This also became a successful number from the album and was liked by the fans.  The album did receive positive feedback from the fans but from the music critics. The album was promoted in Portugal, Spain and France. She did many concerts in these countries for the promotion of the album and included sings from the album in those concerts.

The album had a huge success in Japan and other Asian countries and did a good business over there by selling thousands of copies. The unique style of Inna, a different kind of music and romantic accent in the songs has helped the album to manage a good economic position in the industry.

It might not have received a lot of appraisal but it surely is a gift for the fans. As the album was a huge success among the fans of Inna. The use of her vocal in a subtle way with perfect balance of music was the charm of this album.


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