OneRepublic is an American pop rock band. It is originally from Colorado.  The band members include Ryan Tedder and Zack Fillkins who are the founders of the band. Along with Drew Brown, Brent Kutzle and Eddie Fisher, Tedder and Fillkins were high school friends and liked music as well.

Due to their liking they decided to put forward a band. Tedder is the lead vocalist, Filkins is the guitarist and vocalist, Eddie Fisher plays drums, Brent Kutzle is the bassist and Drew Brown is the lead guitarist of the band.They played at many places and the concerts were attended by their friends and family members at that time.

Later both of them got united in 2002 at the city of Los Angeles and again started a band. This time they named it Republic. They wrote their own songs and made music also. They signed a record with Columbia records in 2002 and added the three other members with them.Their first full album came after the hard work of two and a half years by the name of “Dreaming out loud”.

This album was very liked by the critics and this urged them to do more. Their first ever single “Apologize” aired on the radio with the bang and the band began getting recognition from it.  They also brought about the remix of Timberlake’s album Shock Value which became an instant hit worldwide.

The second album was named “Waking Up” which was released on 2009. Its lead song “All the Right Moves” became very famous and got a place on the top charts.

Along with this they continued playing music at different places and earned from their work. They worked on their third album and released it in 2013 with the name of “Native”.  This album was very liked by the fans and its all songs got the attention of the song lovers. The critics also praised the album and acclaimed the music by the band.

The lead song of this album “Feel Again” went popular and was awarded a platinum certificate, which was the first ever earned by the band.  Their other singles of the album “If I lose myself” and “Counting Starts” also became great hits and were placed on the top ten charts. These songs were both released in 2013 and stayed on the top position for weeks long. The album was a hit in various countries including Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany and Austria.

 The band members stated once that they don’t copy or are inspired by a particular band or artist. They said that they try tocreate their own unique content and this reason for their success. They were nominated for many awards for their work. They got awards of best rock track, best international hit, best hook up and band of the year in teen choice, Echo and Eska musical awards. Their music is reported to be original and serene which is the basic reason to be liked by the fans of this band.



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