One Direction – Little Things



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  • Song Name: Little Things
  • Artist Name / Band Name: One Direction
  • Featuring:
  • Produced By: Jake Gosling
  • Album Name: Take Me Home
  • Release Date: December 3, 2012
  • Genre: Genius Britain, Pop
  • Record Label: Syco
  • Written By: Fiona Bevan & Ed Sheeran
  • Performance: Peaked at No.
  • Sampled In: 
  • Cover By:
  • Remixed By:

One Direction – Little Things Review

Without a doubt, One Direction is the most popular boy band in the world today. The group is commended for its members’ singing talent, enthusiastic stage presence, and lively personalities. However, their songs often get rants because of poor lyrical choices. ‘Little Things’ is another song that actually sounds really good but one may start to set back once he/she comprehends the lyrics.

It comes as the second single off the boy band’s second CD ‘Take Me Home.’ The song talks about low-self esteem due to excessive weight problems, a subject that most parents would not often comfortably discuss with their pre-teen daughters, who incidentally comprise the main bulk of One Direction’s screaming fans.

Critics worry that the track might prompt young girls to start worrying about physical issues, which they shouldn’t think about at their age.

Just like that, the lyrics spoil the overall quality of the song. That is too bad because the track notably has superb production and top notch vocal showcases.

At this point, we may wonder what Simon Cowell, the group’s manager, can say to defend his talents. Isn’t he aware that One Direction needs songs appropriate to its core audience?

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