Erick Clapton is the famous rock guitarist of England and “Old Sock” is the 21st studio album of the artist. The album was released in March 2013 and was produced by Eric Clapton himself,  Doyle Bramhail, Justin Stanley and Simon Climie.

The album has also featured many guest artists including Steve Winwood, Paul McCartney and JJ Cale.   It is the last album in which JJ CAle contributed before his death in 2013 . The album managed to get top position on the UK and US charts after its release.

The album has thirteen tracks including “Further on down road”, “Angel”, “The folks who live on the hill”, “Gotta Get over”, “Till your well runs away”, “All of me”, “Born to lose”, “Still got the blues”, “Goodnight Irene”, “Your one and only man”, “Every little thing”, “Our love is here to stay”, “No sympathy “.

There comes a time in an artist’s life when he decides to things at a side and thinks about getting a retirement, same was being thought about Eric Clapton but he has come back with his 21st album and tried to do with a lot of band.

He has included mostly his cover songs from his previous albums in this album with the addition of two newer ones which are “Old Socks” and “Good night Irene”. All of the songs are fin but they look more like from the era of the First World War. The music is serene but the lyrics are not hardcore to be remembered by any one by the time song ends.

The featuring of many old artist together in this album hasn’t really added any stars to the quality of the album overall.  The stars getting out for the support of Eric Clapton show a very nice and encouraging attitude for the singer but didn’t help him to make his album look better for eh music listeners.

The songs are well written but gain they lack the symphony needed to be there for a true country album. The quality of many country albums out there in market is far more batter than this old Sock. If the artist would have tried to introduce a kind of newness to the album along with some upbeat music the album might would have worked a little bit.

However the album “Old Sock” still managed to get into the US and UK charts of country albums. The album was placed on the seventh spot and eleventh spot in these charts that shows its popularity among the country music albums at the time of its release both in America and England.

If the legend still wants to work more in this industry he will have to take a look at his music and with a little bit of luck he might be able to make a comeback in the industry. Though the album didn’t perform well, it certainly is a cherishing present for Eric’s fans out there and would surely love his work.


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