Oddfellows is the fourth studio album of the group Tomahawk.  This album by the group was recorded in Nashville at the Easy Eye studios.  The albm was released by the group in January 2013 under the record label of Ipecac Recordings.  The album has got mainly positive reviews and has managed to get top positions on the chart in Australia, America, Belgium and UK as well.

The album is around forty one minutes long and has thirteen songs in total. The songs include “Odd fellows”, ” I.O.U”, “Stone letter”, “A thousand eyes”, “White hats”, “Rise up dirty waters”, “The quiet few”, “South paw”, “I can Almost see them”, “Choke neck”, “Warratorium”, “Typhoon”, and “Baby lets paly”. The band has returned after a long period of six years absence from the music industry.  The Oldfellows has the same taste and flavor to it that the Tomahawks are famous of.

This album was recorded in a very little time due to the conflict of the dates of release of the album, but nevertheless the album was completed and it was eventually released on time after a long delay. The delay also happened due to the conflicts between the band members themselves. The effective rock music, real drumming and great electronic music are the hallmark of this album. The band has proven that with age they are getting more mature in making and understanding music.

The vocalist Patton of the bad seems un changed by his growing age as he is still seen screeching and spinning on the floor while performing and on the other hand gives a performance so serene and decent , fully filled with emotion that it looks that he has learned all due to his age . The songs “Oldfellows”, “Waratorium” and “Choke killer” are the songs that a rock band is expected to present.

The songs have all the loud music, guitar playing and bass at the back that will make a rock fan go with the beats. That’s not all the band has rightly put forward the thrill and rolling stuff of the true band in this album.

That was all about the positive feedback from the album, the songs like “Baby lets paly” and ” Rise up dirty water” are the ones that are most difficult to digest by the listeners. The difficult tracks and uncomfortable melodies are what a listener never wishes for in an album. The songs start from a totally different point and end on something totally different which not much understandable by the listener.

It looks like the vocalist is just trying to scream while going at different corners or places instead of singing. The high and sharper tunes are not too suggestible for anybody.Along with all these weird sort of things the band still managed to enter on the charts in US and UK billboards in the pop charts. the title song and the one other song remained on the chart for more than week  before getting out of the list.


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